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Marketing Archive

Curving Your Digital Marketing Campaign Towards The Fairer Sex

Today’s women aren’t the dainty submissives of the days of old.  Modern women are educated, powerful, and business-minded. You can’t simply slap a few shades of pink and some cute animals to grab the attention of today’s

How important is colour in a marketing campaign?

The visuals of any marketing campaign are a critical aspect and could be the make or break between the investment being worthless or ground-breaking. Colour and design go hand in hand — and according to studies, each

Keeping Kings Hill smiling

Far from the centre of the maddening crowd Just some fifty miles from the centre of London, yet a million miles away in regard to its way of life, lies the village of West Malling – in

How to Make the Perfect First Impression in a Business Meeting

As nervy as it can be, getting off on the right foot is important, whether for a meeting with your significant other’s parents, a job interview, or trying to close out an important business deal. I don’t