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Marketing Archive

How the Right Domain Name can Boost your Online Marketing

One of the most crucial steps in starting a new business today is registering a domain name. Your domain name represents your business on the internet. There are many ways you can use a domain name to

Ways to Improve Your Digital Marketing Strategy

The modern business world nowadays requires a good marketing strategy. In order to promote your business, it’s no longer enough to only promote your products. The social media presence is of crucial importance in providing information about

5 Ways To Improve Brand Reputation

Does your brand struggle to compete with the bigger names in your industry? This is a common problem that small companies encounter and it can be challenging to overcome because it is hard to attract customers away

Curving Your Digital Marketing Campaign Towards The Fairer Sex

Today’s women aren’t the dainty submissives of the days of old.  Modern women are educated, powerful, and business-minded. You can’t simply slap a few shades of pink and some cute animals to grab the attention of today’s

How important is colour in a marketing campaign?

The visuals of any marketing campaign are a critical aspect and could be the make or break between the investment being worthless or ground-breaking. Colour and design go hand in hand — and according to studies, each

Keeping Kings Hill smiling

Far from the centre of the maddening crowd Just some fifty miles from the centre of London, yet a million miles away in regard to its way of life, lies the village of West Malling – in

How to Make the Perfect First Impression in a Business Meeting

As nervy as it can be, getting off on the right foot is important, whether for a meeting with your significant other’s parents, a job interview, or trying to close out an important business deal. I don’t