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Car Loans Archive

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When Should You Refinance Your Car Loan?

Securing a low-interest loan should always be your absolute first priority when financing a car – or anything else. Cars have a very high depreciation rate, so it’s in your best financial interest to pay as little

What factors can affect women being accepted for car finance?

Whether it might be a gap in employment history, time out to look after children, supporting a partner’s career, joint accounts with bad credit or simply your own personal income, there are lots of ways you can

Is Car Financing a Scam?

Oftentimes many people don’t take the time they need in order to research financing before visiting the dealership. In terms of car financing, dealerships can easily take advantage of eager buyers. This is due to hidden fees

Car loans package is ‘too complicated’ to save industry

Credit help for the car industry, which manufacturers consider vital to revive the dire market and to save jobs, may be about to run into a fresh storm of controversy.

Huge jump in borrowers requiring car loans

Car scrappage scheme hailed a success, but concerns that it has encouraged consumers to take on more debt.

PTSB drives expansion into ‘huge’ British car loan market

PTSB is the biggest provider of car finance in Ireland and will this year approve more than €1 billion worth of car loans for the first time, up from the near €900m approved in 2005.