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    How not to quit the job market

    The situation on the labour market is good in most developed countries and there is a lack of manpower in many sectors. Earnings are rising from year to year.  Of course it is not so colourful everywhere.

    Ways To Protect Women’s Rights In The Workplace

    Women have come a long way in business over the last couple generations, but there’s always progress to be made.  Females in the workplace are no longer treated as though they are damsels in distress, and our

    The Importance of Boosting Morale in the Workplace

    Especially in the current political climate, it may not always be easy to remain upbeat every day and arrive to work with a positive mental attitude. There’s a variety of things business owners can implement to help

    Dealing with Employee Conflict to Prevent It from Escalating

    Given the pressure at work, it is inevitable for employees to have conflicts with each other. At times, the conflict escalates to the management level. These problems could potentially affect productivity at work. As a business leader,


    Businesses need the bubbling enthusiasm of youth and cool calm heads that can only come with experience in order for them to thrive. Young professionals are rising up the corporate ladder faster than ever and landing managerial

    Hiring Your First Employee

    Image via Flickr by byrawpixel Congratulations on starting your own business. You’ve managed to be the boss, human resources department, and janitor ― you’ve managed it all. Your business has grown tremendously, and now it’s time to

    Strategies For Keeping Your Employees Satisfied

    One important aspect of your business is your staff. You’ve hired them to do a job, and they’re there to execute on your plan. The trouble starts when your employees aren’t happy with the company or leadership

    Safety Tips For Women Working In Real Estate

    It is important that real estate agents understand the full scope of safety in their industry, but women may need to be just a bit more careful when working so closely with the public. Women have historically

    3 Great Ways To Show Your Employees That You Appreciate Them

    As a female business owner, you may be wondering how you can professionally express your appreciation for all the hard work your employees give each and every day. While there are conventional ways of doing this, it’s

    5 Ways to Help Your Employees Fight Stress

    A happy worker is a productive worker, at least according to the results of most surveys. In fact, the numbers say that happy employees are 12 percent more productive, which means that finding a way to help