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    Safety Tips For Women Working In Real Estate

    It is important that real estate agents understand the full scope of safety in their industry, but women may need to be just a bit more careful when working so closely with the public. Women have historically been more likely than men to become a victim of an attack than men, and are genetically created with less muscle mass.

    Women are generally seen as the weaker target, so criminals will go after a woman quicker than they will try and harm a man. Working in real estate can put agents in some questionable positions. The point is to keep safety in mind every step of the way. Here are a few effective safety tips for women in the real estate industry.

    Meet first-time clients in the office

    Make it a personal rule (if it is not already an office rule) that you never meet a first-time client in the field. Always make first-time clients meet you in the office initially. This will give you a good chance to gauge their personality, and decide whether or not you feel completely safe being alone with that person during a showing.

    You also use the office meeting as a chance to gather as much information as legally possible on this person. If anything were to happen, there would be a place to begin looking for the assailant.

    Gather as much info as possible on clients

    While you have got your clients in the office, you will have to gather their personal identification information. You clearly cannot ask for some information, according to the law, but get everything you can legally gather.

    The more information you have down on paper, the safer you are when you go out to show a home. People are far less likely to commit crimes when they know you have everything you need to bust them immediately.

    Arm yourself for protection

    It may have been a silly idea in the ‘50s, but arm yourself. If you wish to carry a pistol and pistol ammo, then first check the gun law of your state. However, if you do not wish to carry a firearm, then keep some pepper spray on hand. You could also place a bat behind the entrance door to the home you are showing. Whatever you have to do, arm yourself in some manner.

    Take a self-defense course

    Invest in a self-defense course, and learn how to properly defend yourself in the case of an attack. It may save your life. Find a course that will teach you how to escape the grasp of an assailant, and other swift moves that could mean the difference between life and death.

    Communicate your location to coworkers

    Whenever you go out into the field, you should clearly communicate your plans and location to coworkers. You want as many people as possible to know where you are and how long you might be in that location. Tell your friends and family, too!