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3 Dangers Women In Business Have To Look Out For

As a woman in the business world, you are susceptible to particular dangers that other people might not recognize. In fact, you may not even recognize them if you can’t see specific situations from an outside perspective.

What The Working Woman Needs: Protect Yourself With These Helpful Tips

Women today face a new set of challenges.  Most of today’s women work, and the definition of a housewife has morphed into something quite expansive.  You may be in charge of all the domestic duties in your

Women – Don’t Be Afraid To Learn About the Tough Jobs!

It’s more important than ever for women these days to assert themselves in what might typically be considered a male-dominated industry. Even if you can’t contribute professionally for whatever reason, it’s still crucial for women to learn

5 Reasons to Consider Business Coaching as a Business Owner

As a business owner, you have to continually invest in yourself and your team if you want to succeed in today’s competitive world. One of the ways you can achieve this is through business coaching. The coaching

The Smart Woman’s Guide to Making Money From Home

The modern world is awash with opportunity for those who go looking for it. Technology has radically transformed both the home and the workplace, blurring the lines between them. For many people, this is both a blessing

How businesses & people stepped up during the Beast from the East

In reaction to the UK being hit by some of the worst wintery weather conditions in recent memory, the Met Office issued a red warning, its most severe. The storm, which picked up at the beginning of

Moving Forward in the Waste Management Industry

In the waste management sector, traditional methods of booking and communicating with customers have remained largely the same, even in the wake of the advancement of new technologies which are being adopted in other sectors. However, with

Laws That Women Made Possible

Women make up only 32% of MPs in Parliament, a gross numerical underrepresentation in comparison to their male counterparts. TRUE Solicitors, experts in medical negligence claims, take a look at the strong women of the past and

Formal vs. casual – which is best for office productivity?

While a nine-to-five job may have been synonymous with a three-piece suit and briefcase, now, many companies are happy to let their employees dress in business casual attire or what they feel comfortable in. Is it affecting

3 Healthcare Businesses to Consider Starting

After working in the healthcare sector for some time, you may decide that your next best move is to move on and start your own business. This may be ideal if you’ve been able to find an