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3 Healthcare Businesses to Consider Starting

After working in the healthcare sector for some time, you may decide that your next best move is to move on and start your own business. This may be ideal if you’ve been able to find an

5 Overlooked Ways to Market Your Freelance Business

When we think about marketing for business we often think about expensive campaigns including costly advertising or beautiful design work – which as a freelance business is most likely out of your budget.

5 Tips For Increasing Your Chances of a Raise

When performance review time rolls around, you may find yourself getting anxious.  Everyone from interns to managers prepares themselves for the feedback they’re about to hear from their superiors.

How to Motivate People in Your Business

There’s still a long way to go, but the good news is that increasing numbers of women are reaching the top in business, whether they work for that business or have founded it themselves. Being a successful

5 Tips For Nailing a Job Interview

When getting prepped to go to a job interview, you’re usually thinking about how you’ll answer their questions.  You may practice your poise in the mirror, and try to come up with charming anecdotes.

6 Tips for Managing Small Business Company Cars

Managing a small fleet can be a complex endeavour for a small to medium-sized business. Fleet management comes with a number of risks and challenges, which will need to be addressed quickly in order to avoid damaging

The Importance of Boosting Morale in the Workplace

Especially in the current political climate, it may not always be easy to remain upbeat every day and arrive to work with a positive mental attitude. There’s a variety of things business owners can implement to help

Tips For Using Automation To Increase Productivity

Many businesses struggle with their productivity levels but are unsure how to improve on this. One of the things that often gets ignored when accessing productivity is the simple daily tasks which can take a lot of

The Benefits of Renewable Energy

Take a good look around when you’re out and about; chances are you’ll see an increasing number of wind turbines and solar panels. Renewable energy, of which wind and solar power are two examples, refers to electricity

A Closer Look at Why Personalised Workwear is Necessary for Your Food Establishment

T-shirts, although they are considered one of the most common forms of clothing you can have, can still be a fashion statement if you dress them up right. But t-shirts serve another purpose as well – you