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    How can dental marketing benefit your dental practice?

    Good dental marketing helps indicate to the reader that the dental practice is modern and successful. The reader will be able to find out about what treatments and procedures are being offered at the practice, be aware of what type of prices they are looking at, get a feel for the environment of the practice and the people on the team and overall good marketing will help reassure the reader that they will be receiving quality care and wonderful service to encourage them to book an appointment and hopefully become a regular patient soon. Speak to the specialist marketing team today, leave the marketing in their expert hands whilst you focus on your area of expertise, and watch the rise in the number of patients walking through your door very soon!

    The process of good dental marketing

    An online presence is vital to help increase the number of patients to your dental practice. With competition on every High Street it is difficult to stand out amongst the crowd especially when most dental practices are offering similar treatments and procedures to their patients. An award-winning dental marketing team will begin the marketing process by creating a modern and attractive website for the dental practice using the 7PS of dental marketing to ensure that as many aspects of the practice and its USPs are firstly exposed to the reader within the first 5 Seconds of them visiting the homepage. This will encourage the reader to carry on reading, find out more about the treatments and procedures offered at the practice, which will be fully addressed throughout the website, and encourage them to book an appointment and visit the practice in person.

    To help encourage the patient to book an appointment, the experienced marketing team uses the 7Ps approach which addresses the profile of the dental practice and its USPs and the friendly and professional people on the team smiling with their perfectly white, bright and beautiful smiles. The 7Ps address the clean, comforting and luxury premises and the clear and competitive prices of the treatments and procedures. You may further need to reassure potential patients by displaying before and after pictures of successful treatments carried out at your dental practice. Visual evidence of your expertise will instill confidence and showcase your capability to achieve desirable outcomes. To further build trust, you can add a review page on your website where patients can share their positive experiences, as a result, this peer-to-peer validation will reinforce your reputation for competence and success. Additionally, you can prominently feature information on the website about the perks offered to patients undergoing major dental procedures. For example, if you offer them a set of bamboo toothbrushes (by collaborating with an eco-friendly bamboo toothbrush distributor) as a post-procedure gift, you can highlight it on your website. Similarly. if you have a loyalty program in place, you can also share the details of the program on the website to encourage patients to join. Through these initiatives, you will be able to build relationships with patients and create a more positive reputation for your dental practice.

    All this information is collated to help the specialist marketing team create a wonderful website, develop social media pages and write offsite articles and blogs, all linked to specific keywords which are associated with the treatments and services offered at the practice to help increase rankings on Google, increase awareness of the dental practice and increase the number of patients booking an appointment for their dental needs with you soon!