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How to Take Better Care of Your Own Finances

Money management is not some inborn talent. It always takes a great deal of practice, time, and commitment to master it. So, do not worry if you are feeling overwhelmed under a barrage of financial woes. Start

How You Can Boost Your Confidence as a Woman in the Business World

Royalty Free Photo There’s no question that times are changing, and women are becoming more of a force in the business world, but with that said there is still plenty of progress to be made. According to

What factors can affect women being accepted for car finance?

Whether it might be a gap in employment history, time out to look after children, supporting a partner’s career, joint accounts with bad credit or simply your own personal income, there are lots of ways you can

Affordable Gift Ideas for the First Time Driver

Buying someone a gift is a kind gesture that is often well-received and can make a person feel loved. However, coming up with a gift idea can be difficult, especially when you want to buy something sentimental

How to Get Some Extra Pocket Money

Whether you’re trying to pay off a debt, start your own business, or simply increase your quality of life with those little perks that you love, earning some extra cash can help you reach your goals much

Calculate how much you’ll need for the retirement lifestyle you have in mind

According to findings from True Potential Investor, under 18s and over 65s expect to retire at a similar age. The younger generation expects to retire at 67 years old whilst the older generation expects to retire at

UK private pensions map infographic

The infographic below presents some interesting research gathered across Q4 2016 – courtesy of ISA investor specialist: True Potential Investor. According to the findings, a significant number of people contributed nothing towards their retirement across this time

Security Features You Didn’t Know Your Business Needed

Corporations such as Yahoo and Equifax have suffered embarrassing data breaches. The expenses of these breaches are dramatic: Equifax alone suffered estimated losses of $4 billion. Examples like this one offer cautionary tales about the importance of

How to Find a Dating Affiliate Program to Promote

Dating Website: Become An Affiliate Dating is something increasingly done online. These days it is estimated that around one in three American couples meet online. This information comes from the NY Daily News. That somewhat shocking figure

How Are Millennials Influencing the Real Estate Market in 2017

At the moment, millennials constitute a majority of the world’s workforce and the consumer economy is slowly adapting to their needs and wishes. Companies from various industries are reshaping their offers so they can target this consumer