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    Security Features You Didn’t Know Your Business Needed

    Corporations such as Yahoo and Equifax have suffered embarrassing data breaches. The expenses of these breaches are dramatic: Equifax alone suffered estimated losses of $4 billion. Examples like this one offer cautionary tales about the importance of

    How to Find a Dating Affiliate Program to Promote

    Dating Website: Become An Affiliate Dating is something increasingly done online. These days it is estimated that around one in three American couples meet online. This information comes from the NY Daily News. That somewhat shocking figure

    How Are Millennials Influencing the Real Estate Market in 2017

    At the moment, millennials constitute a majority of the world’s workforce and the consumer economy is slowly adapting to their needs and wishes. Companies from various industries are reshaping their offers so they can target this consumer

    UK small businesses flying high after Brexit

    The UK’s decision to leave the European Union has not dented business confidence among SMEs and may actually be a positive development for small businesses, the head of a London-based private equity company has said.

    Winter demand pushes NHS into the red

    Hospitals have overspent by £886 million in the first nine months of the financial year, according to the regulator.

    State’s bank holdings lose €1.3bn in one year

    A torrid year for European bank stocks wiped €1.3 billion off the value of the state’s shareholdings in AIB and Bank of Ireland during 2016.

    FCA fines Deutsche £163m for money-laundering failings

    The financial regulator has fined Deutsche Bank a record £163 million for failing to maintain adequate controls against money laundering and exposing the UK to the risk of financial crime.

    Flash advertising will be big business

    The next time a giant Big Mac or Coke flashes into your mind when you’re staggering home from the pub, you may not simply have the munchies. And that picture of the model putting on Chanel —