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    How to Get Some Extra Pocket Money

    Whether you’re trying to pay off a debt, start your own business, or simply increase your quality of life with those little perks that you love, earning some extra cash can help you reach your goals much more quickly and efficiently. Thanks to the growth of the digital world, you can now do so in many fun ways without leaving your home, or you can easily apply for various projects in your community that will lead to the same result.

    The same goes for busy parents who already juggle work and family – because if you feel that your budget is thin and you need more, these are some of the easiest ways to increase your income without disrupting your life. Before moving to these income sources, make sure that you have access to fast internet since most of them require you to work online. That said, if you’re experiencing any problems with your connection, you may wish to check your speed (you could type “check my speed” online) and then confirm everything is working properly.

    Freelance writing

    As the need for more quality content grows, so does the need for better, more creative writers. If you enjoy writing and you have a way with words, so to speak, then this would be a perfect opportunity to get a few side-gigs and write for companies all over the world.

    Peruse a website or two such as the BloggingPro Job Board, or join a platform such as Upwork where you can create a profile, add your portfolio, and ensure that your clients treat you fairly. It may take time to get a response to your proposals, but keep at it, and you’ll start earning much more in your free time.

    Teaching online and offline

    No matter your level of education or field of expertise, there are always people out there who could benefit from your know-how. You can set up your own tutoring website with a pre-made program, you can schedule classes via Skype and similar tools, or you can join an existing online teaching company where people can book classes with you depending on your available time.

    You can also spread the word that you can tutor kids in your neighborhood, help them get better grades and handle their school work, or prep them for a particular exam. Recently, English teachers are very sought-after in the Asian region, so online is always a great pick for native speakers, while various other subjects are also available depending on your preference.

    Filling out surveys

    Another flexible option that lets you tackle some extra work on any device and at any given moment is looking for paid surveys. Simply put, companies will pay for sharing your opinion on a particular subject, product, or service, to improve their business or target their customers better.

    This is by far one of the simplest ways to make money online without making a commitment to a long-term project that may disrupt your schedule. You can choose among surveys of different length and complexity, and companies can offer to pay you in cash, coupons, or goods, so you can take your pick.

    When it comes to freelancing, another great option (if you’re interested in graphic design and website development) are design contest websites.

    Building your influence

    If you’re a fan of social networks and you already have a knack for creating interesting content, then you can do what so many others have done and build a profile for business purposes only. That means that you’d be posting reviews and testimonials, images of you using a particular product, and share that with your followers.

    However, in order for bigger brands to become interested in collaboration, you’d need to have a massive following so that their products get more traction. You’ll need to invest time, energy, and you’ll need the right equipment, although a solid phone can be all you need to take photos and post reviews.

    Home, baby, and pet sitting

    For those among you who don’t have families of their own, and if you enjoy being a caregiver of any form, then these occasional jobs may actually be the best option there is. Plus, you can also conduct a survey while the dog is asleep or write a review of a product while the homeowners are away.

    Although you’d need to start with a smaller rate at first, if you join a network that connects people with the right jobs of this kind, you will soon build a solid reputation, you’ll also have recommendations online, and it will become much easier to get new jobs in the future.

    Arts and crafts

    Ladies who enjoy making jewelry, unique clothing pieces, or various decoration trinkets: the world is your oyster! Recently, the world has gone mad over handmade and authentic items, and with the ability to send your items everywhere, you can easily create a simple online store where you can advertise your goods. Social networks also work great for these endeavors, so make sure you get seen by lots of people.

    If you prefer making edible treats, then you can have your own one-woman catering service for birthdays, anniversaries and other smaller gatherings where your homemade cupcakes and other delicacies will be the real cherry on top of all those special occasions.

    No matter how much (or how little) time you have on your hands, there will always be a quick and simple way to make a few extra pounds that will come in handy for anything you need!