There is most definitely strength in numbers, particularly when it comes to women in businesses. It may seem trivial, but I have witnessed at first hand how one woman cannot influence the course of a business meeting, however a group of women can easily do so. I remember many occasions, particularly when I was still working in banking, when my words seemed little more than a lonely voice in the wilderness and failed to make any impact. In contrast, I have also experienced the power of women joining their efforts and making a real difference.

Once I had decided to focus on working with women, I soon started reaching out to as many other business women as I possibly could, just to exchange ideas and experiences and to create a network of women supporting women. The many brilliant women I have had the privilege to connect with have supported, educated, enlightened, nourished and guided me and I have been able to share my knowledge and expertise with them. Together, we have achieved great things, as individual women on our own career journey and as a group in our efforts to change and influence the traditional male dominated world of business.

You may be surprised to hear that men have also greatly enhanced my career by being discussion counterparts, advisors, supports and by being open to our ideas. Many men have contacted me over the years, just to get a fresh opinion and have someone take a fresh look at their business activity. Time and time again, businessmen would find themselves somewhat stuck with a problem and would come to me to obtain my advice and opinion. A slight shift of perspective can make all the difference and through my work, I would hope to broaden the traditional business mindset and introduce some new approaches.

When I set up this website, networking and connecting with others were top of list of goals, and I would like you to get in touch by using the contact form below or by emailing me.

Women and men have been contacting me with the following requests and obtained valuable information:

  • Hiring Me as Your Financial Advisor: If you are looking for a financial advisor or are interested in finding out about my services, don’t hesitate to get in touch. I will provide you with all the relevant information and discuss your options with you.
  • Emerging Talents: Over the years, I have been contacted by many women and men who were either thinking of starting their own business or wanted to further their careers. I love emerging talent and am always delighted to share my knowledge and expertise. Even if you do not require full financial advisory services, get in touch and fill me in on your project! I have supported the efforts of many budding entrepreneurs and rising career talents and nurturing and advising them is one of the things I do best. When you get in touch, I will carefully examine your project and provide you with solid advice and ensure that you are on the road to harnessing your full potential. If necessary, I can put you in touch with others who can support you and you can be certain that you will no longer face these big questions alone.
  • Savvy Business Women: I have been fortunate in the number of top business women who have got in touch with me to share their knowledge and experience and I have been equally enthralled and enlightened. Your advice is greatly valued and will be publicised on my website.
  • Collaboration and Networking: If you have a project you would like to collaborate on, please get in touch, I always enjoy working with others and making things happen. Those women who may feel isolated in their business efforts or on their career path, should most definitely contact me so that I can make them a part of our growing women in business network. If you are interested in guest posting, then do’t hesitate to get in touch. I am very open to read your experience, read over tips and advice, and the need to help others. If you would like to become a contributor then please get in touch.
  • Women Supporting Women: Our network regularly organises get-togethers and events and these activities have been an invaluable source of energy and strength for me and many others. If you are interested in learning from other women, have your own valuable contribution to make or just want to find out what our group does, please let me know.

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