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Financial Advisers Losing Income by Not Connecting with Women

Around a third of all private companies in the USA are controlled by women, generating $1.4 trillion in sales. Despite this, women have recently reported being consistently let down by male financial advisers. With the number of successful womanpreneurs increasing,

Free Resources Every Small Business Owner Should Know About

One of the main reasons why I started this blog was because I saw the need to help women specifically get somewhat of an equal chance of making a success out of their forays into the cut-throat

What Are Juco Bags and Why Should You Use Them?

More and more people are becoming aware of the problems that come along with using single-use plastic bags. As such, a whole host of eco-friendly bagging materials have experienced a surge in popularity. Businesses can now choose

How to Make the Perfect First Impression in a Business Meeting

As nervy as it can be, getting off on the right foot is important, whether for a meeting with your significant other’s parents, a job interview, or trying to close out an important business deal. I don’t

What’s in store for Franchises?

It doesn’t take all that much to notice all the franchises popping up everywhere, which is the whole point of a franchise in any case. A considerable number of business hopefuls utilise franchising as their route to

Cutting down on business energy costs

There’s no denying that businesses are now paying hefty energy bills — did you know that the average business in Britain forks out £4,000 a year? Becoming energy aware (and energy smart) can not only help businesses

Cracking the Online Betting Strategy Niche

The biggest advertising company in the world, Google (now a part of parent company Alphabet Inc.), has since realised just how lucrative the online gambling industry can be, going on to open their advertising programme up to

The Bad Girls Of Business: 5 Notorious Pink Collar Criminals

When you think of white collar criminals, it is typically a man.  Historically men make up an overwhelming proportion of white collar criminals, but the times are changing.  As women make their rise in the world of

Marketing mistakes to be aware of in the FinTech sector

The best way for potential customers to know you’re there is to market effectively. That’s easier said than done though — with all your competitors marketing their services too, you don’t want to be drowned out, nor

How Technology Improves Productivity and Efficiency in Manufacturing

Whether it’s the food takeaway industry deploying mobile apps or indeed if it’s sports events managers using video-assisted officiating, technological advances continuously help our world progress and improve. And then there are computer systems of course, such