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    Step-by-step guidance for buying property with the help of your conveyancing solicitors

    If you are trying to buy a house, whether you are first-time buyers or you already own multiple homes, you will need to speak to conveyancing solicitors Portsmouth. These solicitors are involved in the process of transferring

    What is a mortgage?

    A mortgage is a financial scheme that is taken out by individuals or couples of all ages and a process undertaken by people who wish to slowly pay off the cost of their property. A mortgage loan

    How to pay less for your mortgage

    The base rate cut has put lenders in the mood to be generous. Here’s how borrowers can find the best cheap deal.

    Your new current account could cost you a mortgage

    A couple almost lost their dream home when advice from Halifax dealt a blow to their credit score.

    Are you a mortgage misfit?

    Young families and the self-employed can struggle to secure finance, but there may be a way out.

    Congratulations, the mortgage is paid off… and you’re only 111

    Lending rules changed to accommodate older borrowers, now mortgage terms are doing the same.