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    Step-by-step guidance for buying property with the help of your conveyancing solicitors

    If you are trying to buy a house, whether you are first-time buyers or you already own multiple homes, you will need to speak to conveyancing solicitors Portsmouth. These solicitors are involved in the process of transferring the ownership of a house or property from one person or party to another. There are many stages to this process and it is important that you speak to an appropriate solicitor to make sure that there are no unnecessary delays or complications which may affect your purchase or sale.

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    Acquiring a property, whether it’s your initial home or for business endeavors, is undeniably an exhilarating venture. However, it’s frequently cited as one of the most demanding periods in a person’s life. To streamline this process, it’s imperative to engage a seasoned expert providing Professional conveyancing services right from the start. They will guide you through each phase, rendering what can be a fairly intricate process much more manageable. This holds true not just for first-time buyers, but also for those who have navigated this process in the past.

    The role of a conveyancing solicitor

    If you have chosen a property to purchase then you should speak to your conveyancing solicitor and let them know your details and the details of the property and the price that you have agreed for this property. They will then arrange to assess the property, check all the paperwork pertaining to it and evaluate the price that you have agreed upon, to make sure that it is fair and reasonable according to market prices at the time. Once the sale has been agreed by both parties the seller’s solicitors will send the contract to your conveyancing solicitor who will draft a pre-contract to send in return. When this has been agreed upon by both parties then you are ready to pay the deposit and your solicitors will decide on a date for the remaining payment to be made. They will send a transfer deed for the approval of the seller’s solicitor And once it is complete they will apply for land registry searches and mortgage funds. Upon completion of the process you will be able to pick up the keys from the estate agents after the remaining amount has been transferred.

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    The transaction may take a few weeks or sometimes it can take several months depending on other external factors. To keep the process as simple and easy for yourself as possible it is important that you keep in touch with your conveyancing solicitors on a regular basis. It is important that when they contact you, you are always available to answer any questions or sign any documents, as any unnecessary delays could affect your purchase. Your solicitors will also speak to any authorities on your behalf to make sure that the process is easy for you at all times. They will keep you updated of any progress made and they will also inform you if there have been any delays.