Women are indeed from Venus and men from Mars, well in my experience anyway. Men and women approach life and work in completely different ways and when I left my top job at the bank, I wanted to bring something different to the world of finance.

Throughout my bank career, I had been surrounded by men and I discovered that women in male dominated workplaces often find themselves adopting a male approach, even though they know in the depths of their heart that they would do things differently. I do not bear any grudges and have come to value the work and opinions of many male colleagues, however, I did find my 9 to 5 job rather restricting and ultimately found no other option but to leave.

Because of my own struggles in the male dominated world of finance and because I had seen many rather brilliant women stifled in their efforts for the same reasons, I took the decision to become a financial advisor specialising in providing financial advice to women. I have encountered countless hugely talented and creative women who simply needed a bit of savvy business advice to succeed and I have been privileged to witness the blossoming and vibrant growth of many women-led businesses, large and small.

My dear husband, Matteo, and my grown-up children, Maximilian and Olivia, have been enormously supportive of my career, even though, every now and then, they remind me that I am just as good at advising men as I am at supporting women. My clients, both male and female, come from all walks of life and I particularly enjoy helping individuals reach their full professional potential. Often, I would see individuals in possession of all the tools and qualities required for success, but just lacking the self-belief and structure by which to reach such objectives. My goal is always to co-create a framework for achievement and prosperity through solid financial planning and entrepreneurial support. As a woman, I strongly believe in the abilities of my clients and endeavor to nurture and accompany them on their road to achieving their goals and realising their dreams. My female approach also includes strong elements of communication, creativity and collaboration, as I have learned throughout the course of my career that a multi-faceted, multi-dimensional approach to business development and growth far outdoes a mere profit-driven focus.

I strongly believe in the organic growth of businesses and advocate a personal approach. In order to reach targets and achieve goals, an individual must allow her/his full potential to emerge and in my experience, each and every client has possessed all the qualities and know how required for success. My role is to facilitate, nurture and support this growth and development process and I just love witnessing the birth, growth and vibrant blossoming of people and their projects.

Education, information, advice and support are what I provide and I have created this website as an additional backing structure for my clients and website visitors. Those in search of a financial advisor will find out about my services, my approach and why hiring me will prove the best decision they have ever taken. To women out there who have been frustrated in their efforts or have found themselves misunderstood, I would like say that I have been there, I know what it is like to try and succeed as a woman in a male dominated world and more importantly, I know just how to go on and succeed anyway!

I cannot stress the need for female thinking in the world of business enough and would hope to support you in your efforts to break the glass ceiling and do it your very own feminine way!