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    Affordable Gift Ideas for the First Time Driver

    Buying someone a gift is a kind gesture that is often well-received and can make a person feel loved. However, coming up with a gift idea can be difficult, especially when you want to buy something sentimental that will be appreciated by the person receiving the gift. You may know someone close or from afar that has recently bought a new car, and you may want to show your excitement for them by buying them a gift. It can be confusing thinking about what to buy someone who just got a new car, but there are actually more gifts than you can imagine. This article is going to list three in particular that you may find useful.

    Smartphone Dash Mount 

    One of the first gift ideas that you can think about getting a new car owner in this digital day and age is a smartphone dash mount. This is a way to promote safe driving as well seeing as their phone would be standing in front of them as opposed to in their hand while driving. These dash mounts can come in very handy and make any drivers life a lot easier. If they happen to use Google apps on their phone while driving, it can also help them navigate around much easier. Some of the best car phone dashboard mounts to consider are Scosche MagicMOUNT Phone Holder, the Kenu Airbase Pro Phone Mount, or the Beam Electronics Universal Air Vent Cell Phone Mount and they’re all affordable.

    Roadside Assistance

    When thinking about gifts for new car owners, another great idea may be to get them roadside assistance. This is another ideal gift that can help a new driver feel at peace as they know that in case their car breaks down or they have any serious car-related issues that leave them stranded, they’ll be able to get assistance immediately. Roadside assistance is often also helpful in events such as acquiring a flat tire or running out of gas which isn’t an uncommon occurrence for people who own cars. AAA is a popular road assistance provider that you could consider going with, and you’ll find many others if you do a little research. Seeing as safety should be a top priority, they’re likely to love such a gift.   

    Dash Cam

    Another excellent gift idea for a new driver is a dash cam. This is ideal for drivers who love getting information on what’s going on as they’re driving. It can be a lot of fun and is also a safe way of getting real-time info without putting them in harm’s way. There are many different dash cams that you can choose from, and you’re likely to be able to find one that’s within your budget if you check in the right places. Some also provide real-time data and night vision which can be useful for a driver.

    Gift buying can be a tedious process, especially when doing it for friends and family. However, with careful thought and consideration, you should be able to find a gift that they’ll love for their new car. The above list should help you out, just in case you get stuck along the way.