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    When can a criminal solicitor help?

    If you have been wrongly accused of a crime, whether big or small, it can be extremely scary and can put your whole way of life at risk. From drug offences to murder and manslaughter, we can help defend you and protect your innocence. A criminal solicitor can help with defending you against allegations of many different crimes, and will approach the situation in a professional and knowledgeable way.

    You can receive help at any stage during an investigation against you, whether that be in the police station after an arrest, or in a court trial. It is always best to get legal help as quickly as possible in order to build the best defence. You will get help with finding new evidence to counteract the allegations, representation in court, and advice if you are charged.

    What types of crime can they help with?

    Violent crimes

    When you are facing a false allegation of a violent crime, this can be extremely damaging and upsetting, and can have dire consequences if you are charged. The nature of these crimes can be very upsetting and can affect the victim for a long time, meaning that it might be harder to sway the court. The term ‘violent crime’ covers an array of different types of crime, from common assault or grievous bodily harm to kidnapping. It is important to get witness statements and evidence for your defence for this case, especially if the victim is actually injured. Even if it wasn’t you that committed the crime, the fact that the victim is injured will have a huge impact on the final decision. Hence, it’s necessary that you hire the best criminal defense attorney in your locality to help you out.

    Murder and manslaughter

    Cases of this nature will always require a highly-skilled criminal solicitor, who has the right knowledge to build you the best defence possible. If you are charged with murder, you could receive a life sentence, which is devastating. The sentence that you receive depends on the nature of the allegations and what evidence you can give to counteract these. For example, if you are charged with committing a contract killing, this will be a higher sentence because it will be seen as planned. Whereas manslaughter will be less as it can be found to be unintentional.


    Committing an act of terrorism is one of the most extreme crimes you can committ. The consequences are extremely serious and you can easily receive a life sentence if charged. This can be an extremely scary situation, especially if you have been wrongly accused of it. It is vital to get legal help immediately in a case like this so you can build the strongest defence possible.

    Serious drug offences

    The more serious side of drug offences usually involves the distribution and importation of illegal drugs such as cocaine, heroin and cannabis. These charges are taken very seriously and can carry big sentences. If you are being accused of bringing drugs into the country, this is one of the worst drug crimes that can be committed, as it is usually a large quantity of drugs coming in. Cases like this can be complex due to jurisdiction issues, overseas evidence and more, and this is why it is important to get help from a criminal solicitor.