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    Why is it so hard to find success in losing body fat with fad dieting?

    Very few people are successful at dieting in the hope of slimming down. In fact, 61 per cent of adults admit to failing at their dieting programmes after losing motivation according to a commissioned research study..

    Having extra layers of fat on the body can become a health concern and health experts advise that anyone with a high body mass index (BMI), should go on a healthy and realistic weight loss programme. High BMIs are usually associated with a number of serious life-threatening medical conditions including stroke, coronary heart disease, types of cancers and diabetes amongst others.

    Finding a suitable body fat loss treatment or programme is key and this may involve implementing a combination of a variety of complementary techniques to produce desired results for the long term. For example, an effective programme could kick off with an approved body sculpting treatment like CoolSculpting at a registered aesthetics and skin care clinic performed by certified experienced practitioners. There are a number of conveniently located clinics in London and CoolSculpting near me may not be too hard to find.

    Together with using new fat freezing technologies to eliminate unwanted layers of extra fat from the body, one can also implement a lower calorie diet and start an exercise routine to maximise results and keep body fat within acceptable levels.

    Factors that make the fat loss process challenging

    The thought of a new fad diet sounds exciting

    Every so often a new fad diet is introduced into the market with claims of producing fantastic results. These diets that are promoted by celebrities and influencers are appealing, as they promise significant losses in body fat stores in very little time. While some of these diets may seem to produce results, whatever body fat is lost is soon gained back when the diet cannot be maintained and is abandoned.

    Not having a strong motivation

    It takes a dedicated mind set to commit to diets that are very restrictive in nature, as it is not possible for the large majority of people to stick to consuming just celery sticks or cabbages for an extended period of time. Contrary to popular opinion, a lot of effort (mental) is required for crash diets.

    Low kilojoule diets eliminate muscle

    The goal of weight loss is to lose body fat not muscle, which is where there is another problem  with limited calorie diets. Muscle loss results in numerous other issues such as loss of water and a lowered metabolic rate

    Wanting to eliminate excess pockets of fat from the body is best attempted with the right help and guidance and it is well worth seeking the advice of trained professionals who will be able to take into consideration one’s particular situation and suggest suitable procedures. Approved fat-reduction procedures such as CoolSculpting (that you can get at an Evansville coolsculpting medspa or one in your area) tend to be a healthier approach to removing unwanted body fat, as it doesn’t require that you follow a super restrictive diet.

    Health experts believe that by reducing excess body weight even by a minuscule three percent and keeping BMI within accepted levels, a person can drastically lower the risk of developing life-reducing conditions related to obesity.