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    What makes a beech worktop unique?

    A beech worktop UK is known within the world of timber for its delicate colour palette paired with its signature light golden hues, and lastly its durability which is designed to last a lifetime! The very unique appearance of a beech countertop is due to its freckled grain patterning which makes it an obvious choice for many customers! If you are considering beech as your material of choice then you may wish to know how to maintain your new kitchen to the best of your ability!

    Taking care of the latest addition to your home

    Many individuals may be conflicted about choosing between an extensive array of wooden worktops that are now becoming widely available from many modern timber providers. Despite the range of options, however, every countertop should be looked after carefully in order to ensure the appearance of the wood is maintained and to guarantee the longevity of your new kitchen counter.

    Making the most out of your countertop

    Whether you’re considering the replacement of one single worktop, or possibly a full kitchen refurbishment, a new worktop could be considered. If you are planning to remodel the whole kitchen by hiring a kitchen renovator (visit for more information), it might be ideal to replace the existing worktops with new and trendy ones. This is because worktops can be considered as a noteworthy financial investment by many customers, which is why it is so important your new kitchen is looked after. In addition to avoiding placing hot pans and plates onto the surface of the wood, and of course refraining from cutting directly on the kitchen worktop, professionals suggest wood is oiled on a regular basis.

    Is beech the right choice for you?

    Beech is just one popular example of the many wooden worktops now available with an eye to kitchen refurbishment, it’s undeniable popularity however is due to a wide array of factors. Beech is not only guaranteed to meet the expectations of any customer; however it also captures the natural beauty of beech oak. The material is designed with durability in mind (it’s growth within harsh weather conditions ensures this) therefore making it a trusted and beautiful addition to any kitchen!

    What makes beech so durable?

    Every customer has extremely different financial, practical, and style requirements, despite this however beechwood is guaranteed to serve as an excellent asset for any home. The species name of the beech is ‘Fagus Sylvatica’, the wood itself is commonly found upon the harsh terrain of Europe, the internal stress due to the environment of the mountains on which they grow ensures the fibres are hardened, therefore leading to a durability that is unmatched!

    Finding the right worktop for your home

    Many clients may base their choice of worktop provider on a multitude of factors, a few examples of which could consist of personal recommendations from trusted family and friends, geographical location, or their financial situation. Another factor which could be considered as vital by many customers is the availability of trusted client testimonials. Client reviews can not only indicate to customers that they are choosing the right provider, but they can also provide reassurance when purchasing a substantial worktop order.

    Are you making the right choice?

    Many customers may be conflicted between a multitude of wooden worktops, many companies are now offering a sample service to allow individuals to ‘try before they buy’. Wooden samples are typically available in a chunky diameter of 25cm x 15cm x 40mm, this not only allows customers to compare shades and textures, but  it also ensures they are happy with the quality of wood available.