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    What business clothes to wear in summer and stay classy?

    The modern businesswoman has lots of styling and fashion options when it comes to dressing for the office. Depending on the type of workplace, business outfits can vary. Some jobs require stricter and official look while others

    3 Tips For Finding The Right Business Mentor For Your Professional Life

    Having a successful career takes more than just having talent or getting lucky. For so many people, having the right connections and building relationships with the right people can truly make or break your career. One way

    4 Things To Consider Before Accepting a Job In Another Country

    Receiving a job offer in another country can be an exciting opportunity. The idea of starting fresh can be thrilling. A lot of people find great success being able to move their lives to a new location,

    8 Need-to-Know Tips to Remember When Approaching a Small Business Investor

    When you approach a small business investor, there is one thing that can either help your business take flight or sink it into the dust. What is this single? Your pitch.

    3 Ways To Establish Yourself As A Force In The Workplace

    As a woman in the workplace, it can be hard to get yourself taken seriously sometimes, especially if you’re working in a male-dominated field. So once you’ve landed the job and have worked past any discrimination that

    Multimedia presentations – good preparation

    Dense text and bold colours are the first two steps to catastrophic presentation. The preparation of good quality material requires reflection and awareness of how we are perceived. Does a good multimedia presentation really mean expressing affection

    Renting vs Buying Equipment: Which is Best for Your Business?

    Spending capital wisely is key to ensuring your business can continue operating at full capacity. When it comes to buying equipment, it can be difficult to decide whether to rent it for temporary use or make a

    3 Dangers Women In Business Have To Look Out For

    As a woman in the business world, you are susceptible to particular dangers that other people might not recognize. In fact, you may not even recognize them if you can’t see specific situations from an outside perspective.

    What The Working Woman Needs: Protect Yourself With These Helpful Tips

    Women today face a new set of challenges.  Most of today’s women work, and the definition of a housewife has morphed into something quite expansive.  You may be in charge of all the domestic duties in your

    Women – Don’t Be Afraid To Learn About the Tough Jobs!

    It’s more important than ever for women these days to assert themselves in what might typically be considered a male-dominated industry. Even if you can’t contribute professionally for whatever reason, it’s still crucial for women to learn