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    Curious to know if a marketing team can help your dental website? 5 top FAQs answered about dental marketing

    When it comes to the internet and advertising your unique service, you are probably as confused as most people about how to boost your website’s traffic and get more customers!

    Advertising will, of course, play a part, but if you run a dental surgery which you are eager to get more patients for, you will need more than simple advertisements.

    Of course, with running a dental surgery, you and your team don’t have time to oversee a website and keep an eye on things like Google ranking and keywords. And this is where the hiring of a dental marketing team comes in!

    Specialised in promoting dental surgeries via the internet, a dental marketing team will boost the amount of traffic to your website which will boost the number of patients that you and your team receive. More than a simple advertising team, a dental marketing team does far more than simply give the green light to some advertisements.

    Still not sure if you need to hire such a team? Here, some FAQs are answered about marketing teams and the importance of SEO.

    What does a marketing team do?

    A marketing team will develop your dental brand and promote it via the internet.

    They will typically focus on 2 key areas of the internet; Google and social media. Developing links to your website, setting up social media pages and managing reviews of your surgery, they will also usually create unique content for your page. In short, they pretty much do everything that is needed to boost your brand and get your surgery noticed!

    What is meant by Google domination?

    When you have been researching marketing teams, you have probably seen the phrase ‘Google domination’ on all of their web pages.

    In short, it means that using their expert knowledge, the marketing team will ensure that your surgery’s website dominates the Google listings and will always appear on the first page of a Google search related to a keyword or area.

    How can social media be used to help my dental website?

    It is estimated that 3.2 billion people worldwide use social media and so, that’s a lot of exposure for your dental surgery and your brand name!

    Any marketing team worth their salt will use social media and the associated adverts to get your surgery’s name where it will be seen and links to your website will be clicked.

    Will my website need a makeover?

    It might do, but how your website looks should ultimately be the choice of yourself and your team.

    However, your marketing team may suggest adding certain things to your web pages, such as testimonials, photographs and fee pages.

    Will I see an increase in patients to my practice?

    Most definitely!

    Correctly optimised, a marketing team can increase your website’s visits by over 200%! You must consider that, unfortunately, not all of this will translate into new patients, but the majority of surgeries who have used a marketing team have seen a 60% plus rise in their dental patient numbers.


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