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    How not to quit the job market

    The situation on the labour market is good in most developed countries and there is a lack of manpower in many sectors. Earnings are rising from year to year. 

    Of course it is not so colourful everywhere. There are still poorly paid professions that do not require high qualifications. Employees in such positions are paid the minimum wage for their work. 

    After years of crisis, nowadays the economy is booming, companies are growing, we keep hearing about insufficient number of people to work. This is one of the reasons why employees’ wages are rising. In developing countries, however, these increases are not yet enough to accelerate this trend, employers need to improve their productivity, they can do so by investing in new, more efficient machines and IT. 

    In order not to be out of the labour market, the employee must also adapt to the changes. A person who wants to earn good money, get bonuses, extras, promotions, must show their commitment. 

    Above all, development, learning, improving one’s performance, smart work, implementing solutions that improve and develop daily tasks, active participation in the life of the company by proposing good solutions. I guarantee that such a person will be noticed sooner or later, and with the passage of time can expect a salary rise and promotion. 

    Not every kind of work gives promotion opportunities. For example, when you are working in a sorting plant, it is difficult to do something beyond your duties, a worker is obliged to do monotonous, boring and repetitive work. Will the salary of $3 thousand for such work be satisfactory? You must know that simple and repetitive work will be replaced with machines in the future. The machine does not need to rest, there is no vacation, it is programmed to work 24 hours a day with equal efficiency.

    How not to leave the labour market? Work where you can develop, where you learn new things, and where you can be sure that in 10 years’ time your position will not be replaced by a machine. As I wrote at the beginning of the article, the situation in the labour market is good, it is a perfect moment to look for a job and change the sector.

    How to start? Begin with listing down the different companies that interest you and find out more about job openings. Once you have a list ready, make cover letters for the different applications you plan to send out. You can find some good templates to use at and other similar portals. In your cover letters, list down how your skills, knowledge and qualifications can contribute to the company you want to work in and how it is relevant to the post. The cover letter is a key part of an application as employers can perceive through it, your enthusiasm for the role and how you are as an individual. So, it is important that you make no compromise on the quality.

    After framing the cover letters, you can move on to framing a good resume. How to write an effective Resume, ready Resume templates are available on –, do not resign from the cover letter, make your chances bigger and prepare a good cover letter, you can use ready templates available on – Prepare both recruitment documents in a similar style so that they are consistent, thus emphasising your high professionalism. 

    This is an ideal time for changes, it is not worth postponing this decision even for a while. The beginnings are always difficult, but only when you get out of the comfort zone you can succeed in a professional and personal sphere.