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    3 Great Ways To Show Your Employees That You Appreciate Them

    As a female business owner, you may be wondering how you can professionally express your appreciation for all the hard work your employees give each and every day. While there are conventional ways of doing this, it’s often the things that are more out-of-the-box and personal that mean the most to employees. So if you’re struggling to think of ways to convey your feelings for your employees, here are three great ways you can show your employees that you appreciate them.

    Give Specific Praise

    Although things like having an Employee of the Month can show your appreciation for a specific employee, this idea is often not a personal way to show your appreciation for your employees. Rather than going this route, Sammi Caramela, a contributor to Business News Daily, recommends that you be more specific with your praise. This means that as opposed to just calling someone the Employee of the Month or sharing that they did a good job last week, you pinpoint the exact thing they did that you appreciated. This will not only help them to feel appreciated by you, but will help to reinforce that kind of positive behavior in the future.

    Treat Them Occasionally with Food, Drinks, and Gift Vouchers

    If you’ve noticed that your employees have been doing an overall great job recently, you may want to show your appreciation in a more pronounced way. One way to show this is by giving everyone some kind of treat. Depending on the interests and comfortability of your employees, this treat will vary from organization to organization. But according to Erin Greenawald, a contributor to The Muse, some treats could include taking them to lunch, getting drinks after work, or pampering them with afternoon chair massages.

    Another way to show them your appreciation is to provide them with online gift cards on their birthday or during a special occasion. Remember that online gift cards can not only be gifted easily, perhaps by using something like gift card API, but can also be redeemed by the recipients without any hassle. Moreover, they can be spent by the employees the way they want and whenever they want. They can even do it in the comfort of their own homes by shopping online. Know that online gift cards can cater to different lifestyles, hobbies, and interests, and hence can be preferred by everyone.

    Implement Bonuses

    In a more traditional sense, one way you could show your appreciation is to give your employees some kind of bonus. To implement this, Susan M. Heathfield, a contributor to The Balance, suggests trying things like attendance bonuses, end-of-the-year bonuses, or quarterly performance bonuses. While not exactly personal, showing your appreciation in this way allows your employees to essentially treat themselves in whatever way they may want the most. Especially when done strategically throughout the year, this could be a great way to naturally instill more motivation in your employees as well.

    If you’re lucky enough to have employees that give you their all and help your company to thrive, it’s important that you show your appreciation for them and the work they do for your organization. To help you figure out the best way to do this, consider using some of the tips mentioned above the next time you’re ready to show your employees some well-deserved appreciation.