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    Keeping Kings Hill smiling

    Far from the centre of the maddening crowd

    Just some fifty miles from the centre of London, yet a million miles away in regard to its way of life, lies the village of West Malling – in the county of Kent. Renowned for its idyllic, picturesque surroundings and quintessentially British quaintness, it is an area that is steeped in rural charm that has many points of interest and contemporary attractions. However, whilst the area may be renowned for its many historical attractions, it also houses many of the modern attractions that one may expect to find in any 21st century village of its size. These include numerous award-winning cafes, boutique restaurants and shops, and some of the country’s most respected dental practices. For those seeking a cosmetic dentist in Kings Hill, they can rest assured that they will be seen with a standard of professionalism, care and consideration that is befitting of the area’s rural charm.

    Shining on through

    Cosmetic dentistry procedures are some of the most widely opted for within the Kings Hill area. These span across a range of treatments, but are typically categorised by anything which is carried out purely to improve the overall aesthetics of a patient’s teeth, rather than addressing a structural issue. Dental veneers are one such cosmetic dentistry procedure which is used to combat teeth that are misaligned, stained, damaged or have large gaps between them. Veneers are a thin layer of porcelain which is bonded to the front of a patient’s teeth using a strong dental adhesive. When attached, veneers make the patient’s teeth appear far more cohesive and together.

    Another method of cosmetic dentistry which is popular within the Kings Hill area, is Periodontal Surgery, or a gum-makeover. This is done to address cosmetic issues faced by patients who have a ‘gummy smile’ or protruding, excess gum tissues. The process of undertaking periodontal surgery involves surgically removing excess gum tissue to reshape a patient’s teeth and construct a more healthy and natural looking smile.

     Zoom whitening is a cosmetic procedure which is popular within the Kings Hill area. This is a cosmetic procedure which is used to make teeth appear whiter and healthier and tackles any superficial stains to teeth which may have arisen from smoking, drinking coffee, tea or red wine, or just due to general neglect. The process of undertaking Zoom whitening consists of a thin layer of whitening gel being applied directly to a patient’s teeth. Thereafter, a special dental light is shone directly on to the patient’s teeth, which activates the bleaching agent within the gel. Results from Zoom whitening can be enjoyed by patients almost instantaneously and can be massively beneficial in boosting the self-esteem of those who seek it as it affords them the ability to smile without fear of exposing teeth which are stained or damaged. 

    A personal touch Dentists in the area operate on somewhat of a different frequency than their contemporaries in the ‘big city’. Rather than simply opting for the one-size-fits-all approach to dentistry which is commonly favoured by too many practices across the country, here they adopt a more traditional and homespun ideology, that puts the needs of the individual at the forefront of everything they do. Practitioners who operate from the Kings Hill area have helped the area gain the reputation it holds today as being one of the nation’s most respected providers of dental care, by simply viewing those who seek treatment from them as people, not patients. By taking the time to get to know their clientele on a personal level, the conventional barriers of the patient/practitioner relationship are removed and a more informed relationship that is built on trust, respect and understanding can come to pass.