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    How to Make the Perfect First Impression in a Business Meeting

    As nervy as it can be, getting off on the right foot is important, whether for a meeting with your significant other’s parents, a job interview, or trying to close out an important business deal. I don’t mean to add any more reasons to be nervous, but on average you have just seven seconds to make a good first impression, which isn’t much at all, especially when you take into account just how many factors to consider.

    Fear not – we’ll walk you through some of the things you can do to make the perfect first impression, with our focus on business meetings. If you can make a great first impression in a business meeting then you can make a great first impression in pretty much any other situation, right?

    Be punctual

    This perhaps goes without saying, but it has to be mentioned either way, mostly because you still get some people who don’t quite value time the way it should be valued, in this day and age! Clients will likely be very busy people so don’t waste their time by not being on time. Rather turn up early, according to former American president Eisenhower’s famous philosophy on when to arrive for a meeting, which states that if you aren’t 10 minutes early for the meeting, then you’re late.

    Be confident

    Confidence plays an important role in making a strong first impression. When you portray yourself as a self-assured and confident individual, it can positively influence others’ perception of you. Confident individuals are often seen as approachable, competent, and capable. Essentially, confidence can help you make a strong impression in a business meeting and in a business meeting, and which can in turn help you create valuable professional connections.

    If you are insecure about your appearance and that is affecting your confidence levels, remember there are ways in which you improve your appearance. For instance, if you’re dealing with a severe acne breakout and it is negatively impacting your self-esteem, then you can find suitable facial services in Irving (if that’s where you’re located) or consult a dermatologist to help you reduce the acne breakout. Similarly, if you’re insecure about your hair, then you can explore different hairstyles or hair care treatments to improve your appearance.

    Dress Appropriately

    Getting it right with your attire is a matter of turning out looking like the professional you want to be portrayed as, so it might go without saying that you should not even entertain something like your ripped jeans and Converse sneakers.

    A clean and crisp look from head to toe will do for the lads, with a suit that fits nicely and a clean shoe. Tailored clothing could be to the benefit of the ladies too, with an emphasis on conservative colours and patterns, like dark grey or navy as some staple colours.

    Body language

    The deployment of a positive body language should be second nature, something which is very easily overlooked. Smile to put prospective clients at ease and give a firm handshake to command respect, while also keeping eye contact to portray you as a positive person.


    Make sure the words you speak are audible. It doesn’t even matter if you have an accent, as long as you don’t mumble so that everybody has to keep asking you to repeat what you’re trying to say.

    Vehicle choice

    Since the first impressions window can often commence to open before you even walk through the door to sit down and formally start with the meeting, it would be interesting to note which car is best suited to making the kind of impression you want to make. Audis are synonymous with businessmen and women, so if you drive an Audi A1 you’re automatically thought to be in business.

    Lookers offers a variety of Audi A1 deals that may make for the perfect option if you’re considering this and it can definitely have a positive impact on any potential clients who see you pull up!