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Tips for Women Getting Their Start as Entrepreneurs

In 2016, the number of female CEOs of Fortune 500 firms declined from the previous year to 4.2%.  The corporate world has been slow to recognize the magnitude of the responsibility of child-rearing, as well as the

Setting Your First eCommerce Website

Everything is moving progressively to the vast realm of the Internet, but today we’re interested in online retail stores. Millennials seem to use their phones and tablets a lot, when it comes to searching for products to

Don’t Kid Yourself – You Need a Business Plan

Starting your own business in today’s market is a challenging venture – myriads of fierce competitors, customers with a short attention span, and a sea of available information, products and services. Yes, you need to get to

3 Tips For Women Stating Their Own Small Business

Starting your own small business can be a great way to have more control over your professional career as well as having the flexibility to do things like raise a family or work on other side projects

Women Entrepreneurship: How to Start an Online Business

Often, the largest obstacle that business owners face is being unfamiliar with the process: they are trying to figure out how to start an online retail business. So here are ten easy steps to learn how to open an online store, whether you

BoI shakes up private arm

Bank Of Ireland has completed a shake-up of senior management at its insurance and wealth management business, appointing veteran banker Gabriel Bannigan as managing director of its private banking unit.

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