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    What is Copywriting?

    Copywriting is something which is often misunderstood; it is not the process of protecting somebody’s intellectual property (copyright)! Copywriting is the rather skilled process of writing materials for advertising or promotional purposes on behalf of a company. Being a good copywriter takes many years of experience and on-the-job learning – being a good writer does not mean you will be a good copywriter.

    Copywriters are responsible for promotional materials such as websites, email campaigns, newsletters, brochures, and anything else you can think of. The text which you find on these materials is known as ‘copy’ and you can see examples of it everywhere you look.

    #1: Qualifications Needed for Copywriting

    By being freelance in nature, you do not actually need any formal qualifications to be a copywriter. Although qualifications definitely help and can get you noticed easier (especially when a copywriter is inexperienced), your work speaks more for your skills than any fancy degree ever could.

    You have probably already realized this if you have been on the hunt for a copywriter recently; some of the best copywriters get by with nothing more than a stable internet connection and a computer. Modern copywriters are of all sorts of ages, stages in life and come from all backgrounds; there are both copywriters fresh into adulthood and others well into retirement.

    #2: Why Hire a Copywriter?

    To put it simply, professional copywriters can curate copy which gets real results. Whether you are working with an agency who provide copywriting services such as Your Content Shop or are thinking of hiring an individual from LinkedIn, a properly experienced copywriter can create content which sells you, your brand or your product. No matter what your business is, you can massively benefit from the services of a good copywriter.

    It does not matter if you operate in financial services, are a tech start-up or are simply selling t-shirts, a copywriter can create marketing communications which sell. You wouldn’t represent yourself in court, so why write your own copy?

    #3: Personally Writing Copy Can Waste Time

    If you are running a business, you should be putting as much time into its success as possible. Whilst writing your own copy may seem beneficial, it likely won’t be as beneficial as hiring a professional copywriter and you should play to your strengths and invest your time where it is most valuable. Leave copywriting to the professionals; you can easily hire a copywriter who has relevant expertise in your field. By hiring a specialist, you are much more likely to get quality copy which really works for your brand or business.

    Copywriting is the process of writing promotional and marketing materials for your website and, although many business owners think they can do it themselves, often they fail… miserably! Copywriting is a very skilled business which requires years of experience to get right. The right copy can easily drive up sales and completely transform your business, so you should not chance it and try doing it yourself. If you need copy for your website, reach out to a seasoned professional who can really own it.