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    What business clothes to wear in summer and stay classy?

    The modern businesswoman has lots of styling and fashion options when it comes to dressing for the office. Depending on the type of workplace, business outfits can vary. Some jobs require stricter and official look while others allow adding some fashion trends and playfulness to your look. Fashion today has changed a lot from what it was before. Businesswomen today can dress quite differently from what is expected from them, and still look classy and stylish.

    The fashion market today is quite upgraded and offers tons of different pieces and garments that can easily fit into your new summer business outfit. If you are willing to change your appearance at work and add a bit of fashion tone in your looks, here are some suggestions that you can follow and implement in your next business outfit.

    Fresh Wool woman suit

    The most expected, elegant and appropriate office look is the wool suit. The wool women’s suit as a summer outfit can come in lots of different wool compositions that are lighter and more appropriate for the summer season. With the standard women’s pantsuit –there is a no miss when it comes to presenting a smart and elegant look. The combination of pants and blazer is the most common one. Women choose this look because it gives them confidence, comfortability, and fashion representation. The women’s suit goes well with flats or heels and can easily convert to cool casual style with the addition of sneakers. Women standard suits come in all colors. Those who want to play safely in the color choice can always go with navy, beige and grey color. The fashionistas who want to leave an impression can add some color and choose light pink, light blue, white, mint, and many more summer shades.

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    Linen suit

    If you are one of the women who always need to keep an elegant look, no matter how warm the day is, then the linen suit is the best choice. Wearing a suit in summer shouldn’t be a problem, if you just choose the right linen fabric. Linen is lightweight and breathable, so it’s ideal for those days you would prefer not to wear a suit due to the heat. Linen fabrics are known to be easy to wrinkle. That’s why nowadays, it’s quite common to find linen-cotton blends, that are both comfortable and have easy-care properties. From a styling point of view, our favorite suits to be tailored in linen are wide leg pant suits or Bermuda suits (we will talk more about these last ones later).

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    Bermuda suits

    Another pretty cool and fashionable look can be achieved with the bermuda suit. If the workplace allows it, the Bermuda suit is very trendy and fashionable clothing choice for the modern businesswoman during the summer season. The ideal Bermuda suit come with a clean and straight cut. The blazer comes with double breasting as well as double buttoning. We prefer the high waisted bermudas with a length almost reaching above the knees. The Bermuda suit can be in one color, or for those who want to leave even greater fashion impression, it comes in different patterns. The most popular one is checked patterned. For an office look, pair the Bermuda suit with a silk shirt. For a night out, this suit can easily be transferred into an evening outfit with adding a sexy bralette that will be visible under the blazer.

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    Skirt suit

    The skirt suit can give you a whole new and fresh look if you find the perfect and the right one. The skirt suit is not the same as it was in the past. It is highly upgraded, with new modern cuts and colors and patterns that are interesting and fashionable. Like the Bermuda suit, the skirt suit comes with straight and clean lines as well as the classic cut. The blazer can easily be paired and styled with other bottom pieces or with a dress, while the skirt has a straight cut and reminds or a pencil skirt. With a skirt suit, your office and business look will get you on a whole new fashion level.

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    Dress + blazer combo outfit

    Spicing up the office look for the summer can be done combining a dress and blazer. This is a summer look that would definitely make you stand out and it is a great choice when you have a business meeting during the day and need to continue to a business cocktail after work. The dress and the blazer is a combination that is fashionable, classy and elegant. The day look includes wearing the blazer, while the night outfit allows you to take it off. For a more accented and eye-catching look, choose a piece of these two garments that will be patterned. That can be a floral print or any other one which will stand out but still keep the classiness of the other garment on point.

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    Staying classy and fashionable and maintaining the business look is not hard when you have the right garments to choose from. Follow our suggestions and you will look chic and trendy in the office through all the days of summer.