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    The Most Successful Women in the Gaming Industry

    The gaming industry is dominated by men and it’s a difficult place for women to be taken seriously. But times are changing and women are taking a stand to draw attention to their skills, dedication and most of all, they’re letting everyone know that they are just as good as men when it comes to gaming.

    In fact, they are placing their best foot forward to ace all kinds of games. Given the scenario, no matter whether they are asked to tell the best place to farm deaths web for diablo 2 or to reveal some cheat codes of a game like Minecraft, they would surely have the answer for all. Needless to mention, an increased number of female gamers are stepping out of the shadows and dropping their alias’s to show competitors that they too have what it takes to be the best. Curious to know who these ladies are? Let’s look at some of the most notorious gamer girls in the industry making international news!

    Chelsea Howe

    The success of Ms. Howe started in the video gaming industry and she is best known for her designs such as Farmville, Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff. She then later made a move to work with EA Mobile, the 5th grossing mobile games publisher on the market. Chelsea has a reputation for adopting qualities which are hard to implement into video games. In her spare time she has designed award winning independent games that have taken the world by storm!

    Alice Ivers – Poker Alice

    Born in 1851, Alice, or rather, Poker Alice became one of the most famous female card players in the world. The three times widower was a professional gambler, bootlegger and a brothel owner, who made her fortune by playing cards and then later moved on to invest in selling alcohol and opening a brothel.

    Tracy Britt Cool – Forex Trading

    Forex trading is considered to be a form of gaming by many such as Tracy. Ms. Cool is one of the most successful female traders who studied at Harvard and committed herself to every task she ever took on. Employed at Berkshire Hathaway, Mr Buffet, the CEO, noticed her potential and subsequently, her career as a famous female trader took flight.

    Amy Jo Kim

    This female genius has a background history of neuroscience, computer science and psychology. So it comes as no surprise that Amy holds the title of being one of the famous females in video gaming design and creation. She has worked on the Sims, Rock Band and Ultima Online and it just so happens that she is also a professional author.

    Do you think you have what it takes to become the next big name in the gaming industry? Why not try to beat these women at their own game and click here to change what the cards hold for you in your future.