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    The Benefits of Renewable Energy

    Take a good look around when you’re out and about; chances are you’ll see an increasing number of wind turbines and solar panels. Renewable energy, of which wind and solar power are two examples, refers to electricity that is supplied from an energy source that’s highly unlikely ever to run out.

    As the demand for renewable energy rises, a new industry has emerged to facilitate the transition towards these cleaner alternatives. Renewable energy sources are becoming increasingly popular, and various companies have emerged to market and promote these sustainable solutions to energy production companies. Companies like PREM Renewable Energy tend to specialize in developing and implementing renewable energy strategies, conducting feasibility studies, and providing consultation services to help energy producers transition to cleaner and more environmentally friendly sources of power generation.

    This shift away from traditional fossil fuels has opened up opportunities to explore a wide range of renewable sources. Unlike finite and polluting options like coal, gas, and oil, renewable energy can be harnessed from sources such as geothermal, ocean tides, biomass, hydropower, and the power of wind and the sun’s rays. Innovations in this space continue to emerge, with propane production from waste residues and sustainable materials being one of the latest additions to the renewables portfolio. This cleaner-burning fuel is garnering interest and those interested to learn more about it can check out websites similar to, for instance.

    Apparently, the most obvious benefit of renewable energy is that it saves you money. Rather than paying for electricity from the grid, you’re generating your own. It’s also possible to sell any power you don’t use back to the grid.

    As well as saving you money, there are many other benefits for the community.

    Reduces Greenhouse Gas Emissions

    If you use renewable energy in your home or business, you’ll be helping reduce the amount of greenhouse gas emissions. This can be very beneficial for your business as an increasing number of consumers only want to deal with companies that are showing a level of environmental responsibility.

    In Europe, global warming emissions coming from the electricity sector have started to rise again, most of which comes from fossil fuels such as coal and gas. Renewable energy sources, on the other hand, produce little or no global warming emissions.

    Improves Public Health

    Many chronic health conditions are related to our use of fossil fuels. These include heart disease, cancer, neurological problems and more. Almost all these health problems come from air and water pollution. If we stop using fossil fuels and change to more environmentally friendly alternatives, such as biomass, wind, and solar power, we’ll all reap the health benefits. The environment also benefits because renewable energy doesn’t result in pollution.

    Inexhaustible Supply of Energy

    Currently, more than a third of the energy supplied in Europe comes from renewable sources. The levels are increasing, but there’s still a long way to go. Renewable energy can be provided 365 days of the year, without interruption because there are always winds blowing, the sun is always shining, there’s always going to be heat coming from the earth, an abundance of plant matter and there’s always fast-moving water.

    Economic Benefits

    The renewable energy industry is far more labour intensive than fossil fuel technologies. Maintenance needs to be done on wind farms, and solar panels need to be installed. For each unit of electricity generated from renewable sources, more jobs are created. As well as employing people directly, there is a range of other industries that benefit indirectly. For example, factories that manufacture solar panels and parts for wind turbines. If you want to save even more money, solar panels are a great idea. If you want to know more about having them installed on your home or business premises, visit

    In Conclusion

    The benefits of renewable energy are far-reaching. Together with more personal benefits, there are enormous benefits to the wider community.