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    Business technology trends to embrace in 2019

    Every year it seems there’s something new that a big conglomerate is testing out or a technology firm has released. While it may seem impossible to keep track of what’s new, without going to trade fairs, the trials that have truly stuck are the ones to keep your eyes on. Ten years ago it might have seemed impossible to upload your company’s data onto a Cloud system, but more than ever this is becoming the norm. Here are a few things worth keeping your eyes on during the year ahead.

    Artificial intelligence

    It’s said that AI may start taking the place of employees and paperwork. As well as this, it can also spot behavioral trends, which also helps eliminate risks such as fraud. In total, this can result in limited time wasting, effort and total costs. Online bots are becoming increasingly used not just in the customer-facing aspect of business, but also the back end. Not only might online bots improve customer engagement, but they may also help with the processing and assessing of internal information.

    Big data analysis

    Embracing new technology, particularly if your customer base is vast, will keep your business functioning way ahead of others. If you’re in the healthcare industry, for example, processing big data is bound to figure quite highly in your technology priorities. Using Financial Recovery Group helps you to analyze performance statistics and recover overpayments. Not utilizing the technology and information support available to your business could end up costing you.

    Experimentation with voice

    It used to be that the extent of voice recognition would be your mobile phone recognizing your voice’s call for ‘home.’ However, once again Amazon has weighed in with a futuristic technology progression. Alexa for Business announcement aims to create a ‘smart office’ and act as multiple ‘digital assistants.’ Google, Microsoft, and Apple are also looking to join this bandwagon. While it might take some time for businesses to fully evaluate whether voice recognition is valuable for the workplace, and voice-driven assistants might have their limitations, it’s clear that this technology is being used for much more than to set a reminder to pick up the kids.

    Cloud use

    Being able to store information and data using a cloud service has opened a lot of functional and financial doors for a lot of companies. Gone are the days where, if your hardware failed, all your information would be lost. Using Cloud technology to improve performance and have accessible information will continue to be used with more frequency and ingenuity.


    Technology doesn’t just refer to the way a business performs functions, but also the way it presents itself. Embracing technology via your website and your marketing department will also present you as a business that isn’t shy of keeping ahead of the curve. Using online footage to show what your business does, who runs it and maybe even some of your teams will also present you as a friendly business with a face to it. For example, if you are a offline business, try looking up companies like Atmosphere ( who can help you set up an in-store display system to play your advertisements and improve your reach organically. This method would not only help you captivate your patron’s attention, but also improve your store’s footfall and engagement quotient.

    That said, embracing technology is easy for some firms, namely those with a digital focus, and a scary feat for others. Overhauling your current methodologies and hardware will not only improve your performance but also appease employees who have been waiting for the business to catch up. Adding a few pieces of technology that are maybe a little experimental demonstrates a willingness to try, and might even make you a forerunner in a year or two.