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    Best Front-Load Washing Machines 2019

    Front-load washers appeal to many women over top-load washers for various reasons. They clean deeper and are energy efficient, though they normally have a low load capacity and take a long time to clean your laundry. Nonetheless, they are space-saving devices that can be stacked in your laundry room.

    Here are the best front loading washing machines to buy in 2019 and probably not need another one in the next few years.

    Best Overall: LG WM1388HW

    The HW1388HW is LG’s small washing machine that’s presenting numerous options, including the most wash cycles that any washer can offer. Its cycle settings are tailored according to your clothes fabrics, starting with a delicate cycle to sportswear cycle.  It also comes with cycles for baby clothing and bulky items, among others.

    This washer comes with numerous washing methods to ensure optimal cleaning for different cloths, with the patterns including stepping, rolling, tumbling, scrubbing and swinging. However, LG doesn’t offer steam wash with this washer, though you can get the feature in more expensive machines. Nonetheless, it cost effective as it takes less than $20 to run every month, with very small annual water usage.


    • Multiple washing patterns
    • Compact and small
    • Self-cleaning cycle boosts its lifespan
    • Energy efficient


    • No steam wash
    • Not ideal for big loads and items

    Best For Big Loads: Kenmore Elite 41072

    With a big family, it helps to have a washing machine that can accommodate a large capacity. This Kenmore front-load washer is the largest machine we’ve seen in 2019. It boasts of a 5.2 cubic foot capacity, allowing it to handle huge loads of bedding and curtains. However, its big capacity doesn’t mean that it’s bigger or wider than other washing machines on the market.

    With a 30-inch width, the Elite 41072 manages to remain incredibly efficient and relatively affordable to run every month compared to its competitors. It gives your clothes a deep and penetrative clean with the steam option, which is powerful enough to remove dirt that has already set in. Additionally, it comes with six wash motions, including rolling, saturating, stepping, swinging, scrubbing and tumbling.


    • Large washing capacity
    • A wide array of wash cycles
    • Sanitize cycle for killing bacteria


    • Requires a lot of space to store (30-inches wide)
    • The door needs 57 inches to open

    Best Value: Samsung WF5000AW

    If you’re under a budget, the Samsung WF5000AW may be the best deal in the market. It’s the least expensive front-load washer that presents a vast array of features including a big capacity that’s ideal for large households.

    With 4.2 cubic feet, the WF5000AW is bigger than most units at this price range, and it can fit close to three laundry baskets of soiled garments at a time. It’s easy to maintain the machine thanks to its self-cleaning cycle, and it can be stacked with others to save floor space in your laundry room. However, it doesn’t have steam cycles, though it comes with a myriad of common washing cycles and multiple choices with the water temperature.


    • Large Load Capacity
    • Good energy-saving options
    • Four water temperature settings
    • Strong warranty


    • No steam cycle
    • Not many washing cycles