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    Best Cities for a Budding Entrepreneur

    In today’s world, more and more people are realizing that their day jobs are not the best career choice for them in life. With a vibrant business industry that has boomed in recent years, it is no wonder that new companies are emerging into the framework every day.

    Unfortunately, many businesses fail within the first few months, and this is mostly due to starting up in the wrong city. Luckily, there is a range of bustling cities all over the USA that are best for entrepreneurs to start their business ventures in, which enables people to make a significant impact in the industry almost immediately. And these are not just for Americans – anyone can invest and start a business in these cities if they fill out the right forms and submit the right documents. Canadians, for example, might apply for an E-2 Visa in Toronto, ON, or other cities with the guidance of an immigration lawyer and if all goes well, be able to start an entrepreneurial venture in any of the cities listed below. The same goes for people of other nationalities who may be eligible for such visas. With that out of the way, let’s explore some of these places:

    Dayton, Ohio

    The United States is mostly known for how expensive it is for entrepreneurs to start new ventures. Yet, there are some exceptions to the rule, such as Dayton in Ohio. The city has seen an incredible transformation recently with the help of The Windsor Companies. Open office spaces, investment, and a young business crowd boast teeming potential for success. Budding engineers can head to the University of Dayton, follow in the footsteps of the Wright Brothers, and even lend a hand at the Wright Patterson Airforce Base. It is almost as if this friendly city has started afresh, which is great news for entrepreneurs who are looking to hire innovative young professionals for their team.

    Dayton also has good transport links to other major cities in the state, such as Cincinnati. What may attract people the most is the extensive green space that surrounds the new office buildings, which is an inspiring environment for any individual.

    Reno, Nevada

    Reno, Nevada is a great place for budding entrepreneurs. With the University of Nevada, Reno providing support for entrepreneurs with its Entrepreneurship Center, and its various programs, such as the Nevada Small Business Development Center, there is plenty of help available for new business owners. Moreover, there are multiple accelerator programs that provide funding and mentorship to help entrepreneurs get their businesses off the ground. Reno also has convenient transport links to other major cities in the state, making it easy for entrepreneurs to expand their business operations beyond the city limits.

    For setting up an office, entrepreneurs can lease land in the Reno area, and with the help of experienced local contractors such as Dennis Banks Construction (find more about the firm on this website), they can construct their own workspaces easily. Alternatively, there are also plenty of ready-made workspaces available, from co-working spaces to full-fledged business centers, so entrepreneurs can find the perfect place for their business. The city also has a thriving startup culture, giving entrepreneurs the opportunity to take their businesses to greater heights.

    Minneapolis, Minnesota

    This bustling city is truly one to watch for those dreaming of start-up success! Known for its stunning lakes and parks, the northern city of Minneapolis resides on both banks of the Mississippi and is the largest city in Minnesota. What makes this city so popular for budding entrepreneurs is the incredible rate of success for start-ups. In fact, this rate of success has helped it rank as the third best city in the USA. For those who favor the tech industry, it also has an outstanding average pay which surpasses the state average twice over.

    Minneapolis boasts an extremely affordable cost of living, which makes it perfect for those just beginning their journey. It’s also home to a number of notable landmarks, perfect for culture lovers, such as the Walker Art Center which hosted the world’s first Internet Cat Video Festival in 2012. The population prides itself on being highly educated, Millennials, who enjoy the city’s awe-inspiring atmosphere and welcoming neighborhoods.

    Boulder, Colorado

    The beautiful city of Boulder in Colorado may not be the first city which springs to mind when thinking of relocation, but it should! This innovative, bustling metropolis is home to an incredible number of startups and has been steadily growing as an entrepreneur’s ideal city. The unique lifestyle the city provides is one of the main reasons so many young entrepreneurs are drawn here. It doesn’t feature the same big-city hectic rush, with the focus certainly on a healthy work-life balance.

    Those who relocate to Boulder can expect flexible working hours and a culture which is primarily focused on living life outside of the office, rather than spending long hours at your desk. In fact, many entrepreneurs enjoy relaxing afternoons outside, enabling them to revitalize and reenergize ready for the next day. If your work-life balance is something which is highly essential, and you prefer more freedom than a regular 9-5 working day, this chilled out Colorado city is definitely for you!