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    Best Careers for Women Going Forward

    There have been a lot of changes happening on the market in the past couple of years, and more changes are coming in the near future. Businesses are doing things differently, and there are new industries popping up and attracting a lot of attention.

    Women filling more prominent positions is one change among many happening on the market. We now have more female professionals filling strategic roles and doing incredibly well. There are a lot of career options and positions attracting more women as we enter 2019 and beyond.

    If you are thinking about getting back in the game or pushing your career forward, there are some top career options to look into. We are going to discuss the best ones in this article.

    Data Science and Analysis

    Data is a big part of the market and business operations these days. The level of importance is growing rapidly too, and you can see how the market evolves around data-driven decision-making and information analysis moving forward.

    There are even new positions created to allow businesses more ways to use data. Business intelligence now counts on data science and processing to be sharper and more reliable. Even today, the best positions in data science and business intelligence are filled by women.

    Entering the field of data science is relatively easy. You now have online masters in data science to pursue. Top universities such as Merrimack College let you study for your master’s degree while keeping your fulltime job or assuming the role of stay-at-home mom. The courses are designed to help you learn not only about the theories behind data science, but also how those theories can be applied to real business processes.

    Business Administration

    Have you noticed how more women now assume the role of CEO for top companies? Yes, women are seen as future leaders and more companies are promoting women to mid- and top-level management positions. The performance of current female CEOs certainly strengthens that trend going forward.

    To reach that top position of CEO, you need to start somewhere in the middle. Equipping yourself with a business degree is also a good way to give your career a substantial boost; an MBA is the most popular degree among women right now for that reason.

    There are also other management and administrative roles available, so a career in this field is worth pursuing nonetheless. Aside from aiming for the top management position, becoming managers and leaders can also take you to places around the world.

    Civil Engineering

    The field of engineering in general is another one that is attracting more women than ever before, but the one we are going to focus on is the field of civil engineering. There is a specific reason for that – a career in this field is very rewarding financially.

    With an engineering degree, you can expect an annual pay of around $70,000 as you begin your career in engineering. The further up the corporate ladder you go, the more you will earn. There is also the fact that engineers are also being seen as future leaders, so you will have the opportunity to grow.

    There are so many careers that women can explore, but these top three are the most lucrative of them all. Enter one of these fields and you will be able to push your career like never before.