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    6 Ways Small Businesses Can Improve Their Social Media Presence

    A social media marketing campaign can be done efficiently, regardless of the resources you have available. Nonetheless, knowing how to improve your social media presence without substantial investments is no short of an art, seeing as how it will require every last ounce of your skill and organizational abilities. Here are six methods that are considered particularly useful in this regard.

    Understand the needs of your audience

    Believe it or not, every single person out there knows exactly why they started following you on social media and this isn’t actually that hard to guess. For instance, if you constantly share fun facts or entertaining content, this might be the primary reason why people are following you. If your main goal is to raise awareness, likeminded people will follow you in order to share and re-post your content. As an e-commerce business, people might follow you in order to see instructions on how to use your products or to spot seasonal sales in time. By understanding the selling point of your social media profile, you can indeed achieve quite a bit.

    Act like a human

    The entire social media experiment is actually one huge reverse Turing test and it should be treated as such by every single marketer out there. Assume that everyone out there thinks you’re a bot, which is most likely the scenario you’ll be facing either way. The key to achieving this lies in the way in which you interact with people. It’s not enough to just share a piece of content or contact people out of the blue. Reacting and responding to their own comments, posts and micro-interactions can also make a massive difference in the way in which they perceive you.

    Keep everything connected

    In 2018, this shouldn’t even be that much of a surprise, yet, you’d be surprised at just how many people fail to pull off something as simple as this. Linking all your social network profiles, your e-store, your blog and your website to every page you own takes so little effort, moreover, it’s something you’re supposed to do only once, without any further maintenance down the line. Keep in mind that adding icons might also come off as quite useful. In this way, you’re improving your outreach and allowing every single member of your audience to fully explore your social media presence.

    Get some feedback

    When it comes to feedback, you need to understand that people aren’t talking the same way about your brand when talking directly to you and when they believe you’re not listening. One would assume that the veil of anonymity that the internet provides to its users might make people loosen up a bit, yet, this is not always the case. So, instead of making polls, surveys or asking people directly to talk about your brand, you should take a subtler approach and start actively listening instead. The most reliable way to do so is through social mention monitoring, which can alert your digital tools whenever your brand becomes a topic of discussion in the digital world. You can do this monitoring via cloud-based platform, such as this media portal from Singapore.

    After-the-hour posting

    The next thing you need to keep in mind is that, when it comes to posting, even minutes matter. Think about it this way, if one works until 3 PM or has a meeting scheduled around that time, posting at 3:03 PM is infinitely more efficient than posting at 2:57 PM. Sure, one would argue that, in this same scenario, posting at 2:03 PM would be the same thing as posting at 3:03 PM, however, they miss one crucial point. Both of these after-the-hour post times have a better success rate than the above-mentioned 2:57 post. So, if you’re several minutes short of an hour, why not wait a bit and increase the chance that your post will be seen.

    Reward loyalty with loyalty

    Some people will promote your products out of conviction (brand ambassadors) or spread the word of your business simply because they like your content. Even though these people are already doing something to promote your brand, it doesn’t mean that they haven’t earned a reward. Sure, it’s possible that they’ll continue with this course of action even if you do nothing at all to encourage them but it’s not just them you need to keep in mind.

    What about others, fans of your brand who are still on the fence? Wouldn’t a demonstration of loyalty towards your fans make them want to become a part of this big, happy online community? So, follow your fans on social networks, share their content and like the things they post. The best thing about it is that, unlike various contests, it doesn’t require any kind of resource investment. Moreover, this is one of the simplest, most reliable methods to get other people to follow you.


    These simple techniques don’t require a high level of IT prowess or even deep knowledge of the ways of the social media landscape. All that this requires you to do is slightly alter your social media management habits and implement several simple, yet, efficient tools and platforms. Mastering them might sound a bit challenging, but it’s a necessary step you’ll have to make in order to reach the next level of social media marketing efficiency.