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    5 Tips For Nailing a Job Interview

    When getting prepped to go to a job interview, you’re usually thinking about how you’ll answer their questions.  You may practice your poise in the mirror, and try to come up with charming anecdotes.

    In addition to knowing the right things to say, however, it’s also important to understand the right way to look and act.  

    Before you show up to your next big job interview, take a look at some of the best tips for making the best possible impression.

    Dress To Impress

    The first impression you’ll make on the interviewer is how you look.  Make sure that you’ve put on a business-appropriate outfit and that you’ve double checked your hair and makeup.  You should be well groomed and look tasteful. You should apply skin products which make you look fabulous.  Do what it takes to feel your best.

    Wear sensible shoes so that you don’t trip as soon as you walk in the room.  Try not to bear too much leg or cleavage, and make sure that your clothes are pressed and ironed.  While appearances aren’t everything in life, they make a big difference when you’re applying for a job.   

    Show Up Early

    In the world of business, if you show up on time, you’re already five minutes late.  Always arrive at least 15 minutes early to your interview.  If you really care about this job, then you need to show it.

    Do whatever it takes to show up on time.  Wake up early. Cancel other plans. If you really want the job, you’ll be willing to make whatever adjustments are necessary to get it.

    Make Friends With The Receptionist

    One of the biggest mistakes that you can make is being rude to the front desk.  Even though the final decision may not be theirs, their opinion matters.

    Some hiring managers ask their receptionists what they thought of you.  If you’re rude and unpleasant to them, it will certainly make a difference in their final decision.

    Take time to smile and make chit-chat.  Just make sure it’s sincere and that you don’t come across as schmoozing.  They probably won’t love that.

    Put Your Phone On Mute

    We get it, it’s the digital age, and everyone has a phone.  However, it should be on silent during your interview. You may be used to looking at your phone every few seconds in your day to day life, but a job interview is not the place.

    Stick it in your purse and mute it.  Taking a break in the middle of an interview to tend to your phone will not help your chances of snagging the position.

    Follow Up

    Don’t be too shy to call the company following the interview.  Thank them for the experience and inquire about whether they’ve made a final decision or not.

    They’ll appreciate your polite formality, even if you don’t get the job!