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    5 Tips For Increasing Your Chances of a Raise

    When performance review time rolls around, you may find yourself getting anxious.  Everyone from interns to managers prepares themselves for the feedback they’re about to hear from their superiors.

    There can be an enormous amount of pressure on your shoulders.  As you anticipate the potential bonuses, promotions, and most importantly raises in the future, it’s normal to feel anxious.

    If you have a poor performance, chances are there’s no hope for you.  However, if you’re an employee who complies with procedures and policies, then there are measures you can take to increase your chances for a raise.

    The truth is, usually your manager won’t knock on your door and hand you more money.  It’s often up to you to ask for the raise. Here’s how you can show your boss you’re ready for one.

    Be An Effective Communicator

    Regardless of what line of work you’re in, communication skills are essential.  Whether you’re communicating with your boss, customers, or team, effective communication can go a long way.

    Showing your boss that you’re good at expressing yourself and your ideas will demonstrate what a valuable asset that you are.

    Motivate Others

    One of the best ways you can contribute to your company is by inspiring and motivating others.  The most effective leaders get the best work out of their team by motivating them rather than barking at them.

    Challenge Yourself

    Show your boss that you’re creative and proactive about making innovative changes.  When review time comes, they’re going to notice what a problem solver you are.

    Demonstrating that you’re someone who can think outside of the box shows your superiors that you’re an asset to the company.

    The chances of a raise or promotion will significantly increase by showing you’re a go-getter.

    Put In The Extra Effort

    Hard work is one of your best chances at apay increase.  Rather than only putting in the minimum amount of what’s expected of you, go the extra mile.

    If you’re asked to show up 5 minutes early, show up 30 minutes early.  Ask how you can help even when you’re not asked to. Show your boss that your priority is the company and they will take notice of your efforts.

    Be Reliable

    Anytime that you’re asked to provide certain skills or finish a task within a specific time frame, never let your boss or other team members down.  By showing that you’re someone who stands by their commitments, you’re demonstrating that you’re worthy of more money and a promotion.

    Use your sick days sparingly and always act with integrity. Over time your hard efforts will pay off.  One day you may even be the one who is giving performance reviews!