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    5 Overlooked Ways to Market Your Freelance Business

    When we think about marketing for business we often think about expensive campaigns including costly advertising or beautiful design work – which as a freelance business is most likely out of your budget.

    However, there are many simple and cheap ways to market your freelance business which people often overlook, too distracted by the glossy campaigns which are put out there by larger businesses.

    There is no doubt that marketing needs to be one of your key activities as a freelance to ensure a regular supply of work and clients. For this post we asked our friends from since they work with a lot of freelancers and they shared with us some marketing tactics that you may be overlooking but nonetheless deserve a careful look:

    1. Networking

    You are your business so the more people see you, meet you and build a relationship with you at business networking events, the more likely they are to remember you when they need services which you offer.

    The other point about networking for your business is you never know who your new found business connections are connected with. It might be that no-one in the room needs your services, but they might know somebody who does. 

    1. Have an email signature

    This might seem like a really simple thing but how often have you gone back to an email to find someone’s contact details, only to realise they have no email signature, which is then rather frustrating?

    Make sure your email signature includes your email address, phone number and links to your website and social media pages so that it’s really easy for anyone you send an email to, to check you out.

    You can also include links to special offer pages on your website within your signature for a campaign, as well as details of awards you have won, or details of events coming up where people can meet you in person.

    1. An online portfolio

    As a freelancer no doubt potential clients will ask to see examples of your work so setting up an online portfolio can really set you above the rest and gives you an instant advantage.

    It can either be part of your own website, or set up as a separate site which you give people access to via a password if there are confidential elements to it which you want to keep hidden from the public.

    It’s easy then to send out links to your portfolio in emails to prospects or to people who contact you for quotes for work, so they can instantly see if your style of working is a good fit for them.

    1. Up to date social media profiles

    Keeping your social media profile regularly updated can help to keep you visible in the rankings but it’s not just about creating posts and articles on your channels to showcase your expertise.

    It’s important to update your actual profile – make sure your images are up-to-date and not ten years old, and make sure all of your details are correct – if it contains a job history make sure it says you are currently freelancing and available for work and doesn’t show your last employed job, for example.

    If people are searching for someone with your skills and they come across your profile, make sure it’s working for you and sells you as a good proposition rather than looking tired and outdated and as though you don’t really care. Include links to your website and online portfolio.

    1. Visit local businesses in person

    A very often overlooked marketing technique is actually going out into your local area and knocking on local business doors and asking if they might need your services – take leaflets and business cards with you to hand out for them to keep just in case. You never know, your next client might be just down the road.


    These five ways to market your freelance business are often overlooked but can be highly effective. Word of mouth is always a good and cheap option if you are tight on marketing budget so why not ask your happy clients to pass your details on to other contacts they have, or their sister companies?

    Marketing your freelance business is a vital part of your success, after all, no-one can hire you if they don’t know you are available to work or what skills you have but it needn’t cost the earth.

    If your marketing budget is limited the try one of these five techniques to make sure you are getting your name out there to the people who might need your services in the future – that way you can secure a pipeline of new and prospective clients and keep your business moving forward.

    You are your business as a freelancer so the more people see you out and about and meet you and hear your name locally, the more likely you are to be at the forefront of their minds when they need help and support.