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    5 Hacks to Make Your Supermarket Shop More Eco-Friendly

    We’ve become increasingly aware of how the choices we make impact the world around us. You can make changes in almost every area of your life that will help preserve the planet. For example, here are just five easy ways to make your weekly shop a little better for the environment.

    1. Buy Whole Foods

    The lengthy manufacturing process used for highly refined foods isn’t great for the environment. In contrast, whole foods are unprocessed, unrefined, and edible in their natural state. Most of them won’t have any additives or modifications. Eating more of those whole foods is better for the planet and better for your health.

    1. Avoid Excessive Packaging

    Some products seem to be absolutely smothered in packaging. Snack foods are a prime example – they contain packaging within their packaging! Instead of picking out individually wrapped items, opt for products with less wrapping. For example, why buy apples in a plastic cover when you could pick them up loose?

    1. Buy in Bulk

    If you’re really committed to cutting down on packaging, one of the best things you can do is buy in bulk. Millions of tons of paper, plastic, and glass packaging are thrown away each year simply because of the way people buy their shopping week-to-week or even day-to-day instead of month-to-month.

    1. Buy Fair Trade

    Fair Trade goods have been produced in a certified fashion, and the workers who made or harvested it will have been offered a fair wage for their products or services. Additionally, nearly all Fair Trade certifications are also required to include provisions for sustainability.

    1. Skip the Plastic Bags

    Finally, make sure you don’t use any of the old single-use plastic bags that are still floating around. Even the slightly more durable plastic shopping bags now offer by most large supermarkets aren’t a great option. Instead, buy bags made from paper, jute, canvas, cotton, or some other eco-friendly material.