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    4 Ways Women In Business Can Differentiate Their Brands

    The world hasn’t necessarily caught up with the fact that women can do just as good as men in the business world. And until it does, women consistently have to find a way to differentiate their brands in a largely male-dominated system of power and production.

    A few examples of ways that this differentiation can happen can be through adding options to a service baseline, including more people in brand messaging, narrowing down a focus to a specific group, or choosing to either embrace or disregard gender roles altogether. All of those are options that women can take advantage of as they’re trying to improve their business potential.

    Adding Options To the Service Baseline

    If you’re in an industry, there is a basic expectation of quality and options. But, as a woman, you may want to do something to add on to typical options. For example, as a female owner or manager of a restaurant in an area where restaurants are entirely indoors, you may choose to branch out and open up an outdoor area with heating for cold nights or cold weather. If you’re the first person to try this tactic, you’ll immediately get a greater sense of brand identity from customers who appreciate that extra effort on your part.

    Include More People

    Some businesses only cater to a generalized type of client or consumer. Do you want to look and feel different, particularly as a woman? If so, figure out how to include more people in your messaging. There are business models that intentionally exclude pregnant women for example. If you choose to adapt your promotions and marketing to include this otherwise excluded group, then suddenly you have a different energy to your company. Adding inclusive language to your promotions and marketing can be the first step in this style of improvement.

    Narrow Down The Focus

    And then there is focusing in the other direction. As a woman owner, maybe you want to make your business just cater toward women. Maybe even just cater toward pregnant women. Maybe even just cater toward women with a specific personality type. You can start to see where having a smaller captive audience can be a huge benefit to businesses that are just starting up.

    Embrace or Disregard Gender Roles

    Because the idea of a woman in charge is still questioned by some parts of society, you can choose to either embrace or completely disregard gender roles, and that will put you in a unique position as well. Either you eliminate all of the differences between men and women within your company ranks, or you completely separate them concerning form and function. Either way will make you stand out in the business world.