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    4 Ways Bad Hosting Can Hurt Your Business

    Choosing a web hosting provider should be taken seriously. Mainly because a hosting provider will have profound effects on the performance of your website, including helping your site attract more clients on a daily basis. Unfortunately, most website owners do not know the importance of choosing a good web hosting service. They tend to look at the price first at the expense of performance. In this article, we’re going to expose four ways bad hosting can impact your business.

    Making You Lose Potential Customers

    According to research, visitors wait an average of 6 seconds for a website page to load and they are likely to close it and go to another site should it fail to load within that time. For this reason, bad hosting can result in many first visitors shunning your site. One of the things that make a page to take too long to load is weak web hosting. In most cases, bad hosting providers are poorly configured which turns to customers become impatient and discarding your site.

    Your Site Could Be Penalized

    There are some web host providers that boast near 100-percent uptime. But many hosting providers have a below-par uptime percentage. Their servers are often down, and this is likely to make your site load slowly; almost half the normal time. As a result, your site will be down, and this might lead to a penalty in website search ranking. You can, however, avoid this by going for a strong web host. Check out companies like whose uptime is not just high but also ensures super-fast SSD.

    Bad Hosting Makes it Easier for Hackers to Access Your Website

    It is not uncommon for websites to be hacked and even the most secure ones suffer the same fate. But when your site is hacked, you should be able to retrieve it and bring back the normalcy within hours. And this is only possible if your web host has excellent customer support. A good web host should provide live 24/7 support and have a strong plan and enough encryption and firewalls to protect your site from attacks. Therefore, before deciding to get a hosting service for your business, it is important to do thorough research and navigate through the different options that are available in detail. Perhaps, looking at sites such as can provide better information on how to proceed further.

    Making Your Site Miss Out on Traffic Spikes

    Every website owner wants to drive more traffic to their website. And one way to do this is to launch a successful ad campaign, promotional offer, blog post or social media campaign. It is obvious this will make spikes in traffic hit, but if you have bad web hosting, which cannot handle the influx, then your site is likely to go down. You will, therefore, be forced to miss out on potential visitors who could otherwise make a purchase.


    Bad hosting can literally be the downfall for any website. First, they literally chase visitors away with their below average uptimes. They can also make you face penalties in website search ranking every now and then. It is, therefore, important to take your time and choose a hosting provider that is not only performant, but has a solid track record for stellar customer service and security.