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    3 Things That Will Make You A Better Boss

    Being a boss is never an easy job. While you may get some perks here and there, you also have a lot of responsibility, not only for your organization, but also for the people who are your direct reports. For many people, including some women, it can be hard to find a balance between being yourself and being the boss that you think you need to be or should be. This can make it hard for you to feel truly empowered in your position, which can cause your entire team to struggle. So to help you address some of these issues, here are three things that will make you a better boss.

    Learn What It Means To Be A Leader

    As the boss, there’s more to your job than just handling liability paperwork or signing paychecks every month. To really succeed in your position, you need to be able to lead your team, not just dictate to them. According to Kevin Daum, a contributor to, a boss turns into a leader when they’re respected by their team and can inspire those who work for them to take responsibility in their own work. If the people you work with are only doing their job in order to get paid before they go home, you likely haven’t reached the point of being a leader yet. But if you can get your employees to believe in the work you’re doing and take pride in your organization, you’re well on your way to being a great leader.

    Meet Regularly With Your Direct Reports

    To be an effective and respected boss, you have to have real relationships with the people who work on your team. One great way to accomplish this, according to Avery Augustine, a contributor to The Muse, is to meet regularly with your direct reports in one-on-one meetings. While this might not be something that you’re particularly excited about, having these regular meetings will give you the chance to get to know your employees, find out how your goals and their goals align and find ways that you can help everyone be successful and achieve mutually beneficial ends.

    Give Your Team The Space To Work

    If you want your team to be able to function without you needing to be there to hold their hands, then you have to give them the chance to see how they can do when you’re not immediately there. While this can be scary for some bosses, it’s ultimately going to be best for everyone if you’re able to give your team the space they need to work. According to Jessica Hagy, a contributor to, you can start by telling your team that you’re here for them if they need you, but if they don’t need you, try to handle all that they can on their own.

    If you’re looking for ways that you can grow to be a better boss, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you do just that.