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    Zero Sum Budgeting – Test Your Knowledge

    While we all know how important it is to create a budget, there are so many choices available that it’s hard to know which budget will suit our needs. If you need a simple and effective budget, consider the zero-sum budget. With this helpful quiz, you’ll learn more about this budget.

    When the quiz starts, you’ll discover the minimum equipment you need to create your zero-sum budget. You’ll also find out what else zero-sum budgeting gives you control over besides money. The quiz will help you understand how a zero-sum budget helps you find extra money, and you’ll learn the most common expenses people waste money on.

    The quiz also explains the type of income projection you need to use to create your zero-sum budget. You’ll learn how you should handle savings, investments, and debt repayment. The quiz will show you the unique goal zero-sum budgeting has for every dollar. You’ll also see what source of income you use to create the budget. Finally, you’ll discover what you need to use to make accurate forecasts of your future savings.

    This short quiz only has 10 questions, and you get 60 seconds to answer each multiple-choice question. It won’t take you long to complete it. As you’re taking the quiz, you’ll get to see how many Americans answered each question correctly, and you can high-five those who did.

    If you’re unfamiliar with zero-sum budgeting, and you’re not sure what it’s about, take this informative quiz from health IQ today to discover if it’s the budget for you.