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    Xerox VersaLink C405N A4 Colour Multifunction Laser Printer Review

    Choosing a new office printer can be a long, laborious process.

    With a mass of high quality machines available on the market, sifting through to find the perfect device complete with every feature you need, can be a struggle.

    However, once you find the right device, the benefits can be incredible.

    Therefore, to help you improve the efficiency of your office, and find a machine that is a great fit for your business, we’ve reviewed one of the best printers available right now.

    If you are considering a Xerox laser printer, read on to find out why the VersaLink C405N will not disappoint.

    Easy installation

    From the get go, this Xerox machine proves itself as a great tool to speed up processes in your office.

    The VersaLink C405N Xerox printer benefits from quick and easy-to-understand installation wizards, that make setting up your new device a breeze.

    As there is no need to get a technician to come and set the device up, this means minimal disruption in the office and you can begin using your new Xerox printer in no time.

    Time saving

    Thanks to the VersaLink’s inbuilt technologies, your office efficiency will be greatly increased.

    The device places your most-used functions at the front and centre of its customisable touch screen. This will save time searching through apps which you never use – perfect for your fast-paced office.

    Operations such as the Scan and Fax preview will mean that you can keep up your quick daily tasks. This makes the device one of the best Xerox printers for any business.

    In a modern-day world, with plenty of information being shared through your networked devices, data protection is a high priority for many businesses.

    Therefore, it is good to know that with the Xerox Versalink C405N, security print and card authentication features help to improve your office’s security and limit who can access and control your device.

    Modern simplicity

    This Xerox laser printer, which also has the ability to scan, fax and copy, saves energy and space in your office, as there is no longer a need to have four separate machines.

    Having an easily accessible control system means that the device is up-to-date and modern, further increasing the efficiency of the office. Among its features is a customisable 5-inch touchscreen making tapping and swiping easy.

    Useful apps

    This Xerox printer goes above and beyond the role of a printer, and allows your business to easily complete larger tasks.

    Preloaded apps such as the Xerox Easy Translator app makes translating scanned documents quick and simple, thus helping your business easily widen its reach overseas without unnecessarily increasing your workload.

    Connectivity options
    As well as being able to plug in the machine, it comes with optional wi-fi, making it easy to connect and print to, from multiple devices.

    This option is perfect for busy workers who are always on the go, and may not have time to sit down and boot up their desktop computer each time they need a document.

    High Demand
    As well as producing top quality print-outs, this device can reach impressive print speeds of up to 35 pages per minute.

    This makes it more than suitable for a high-demand office and means it will reduce queues at your printer as you can expect your first page in under 11 seconds.

    As you can see, the Xerox VersaLink C405N will not only be easily implemented in your office, but easy to use once it’s there. If you want to cut down on waiting times at your printer and speed up processes in general, this is a great device for you.