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    Why you shouldn’t put off oral implants

    Dental implants Richmond have many advantages. One of them is that they can be performed restoratively for a tooth lost many years ago. But if you are actively considering this sort of restoration, there are some very good reasons why you should not put it off any longer than you have to.

    Dental Migration 

    Teeth naturally move and can tend to spread themselves out evenly. They close gaps, filling any gaps as best as they can. This may result in an asymmetric or overly spaced out set of teeth. This can happen when young children lose their primary teeth long before their adult teeth come, though it is often mitigated with space retainers. In adults, a lost tooth will leave a similar gap. Not resolving it with a bridge or maintaining it with a space retainer will result in other teeth migrating possibly resulting in an orthodontic misalignment. 

    Even a lost tooth that you can’t see can affect the positions and aesthetics of more visually significant teeth. 

    Bone loss

    Your body is extremely efficient when it comes to making changes, building tissue and breaking it down. From your body’s perspective, bone is a valuable resource full of calcium. If not regularly stressed and placed under load, it will become decalcified, brittle and reduced in volume.  

    When a tooth has been lost, the jaw bone immediately beneath the tooth no longer experiences the sort of loads and stresses that it would have been put under during everyday use. Without this, it begins to atrophy and recede. Not only can this have other effects, but it also reduces the chances of a successful implant. There is significant evidence that implanting early after tooth loss is a better option, often avoiding bone grafting or other preparation procedures.

    Facial structure

    With underlying bone loss, a change in facial structure should be expected. This is more pronounced in those who have lost all of their teeth and exaggerates the gaunt expression associated with (although not guaranteed) ageing. There may be changes in the way you eat, as well as progressive adaptations to pronunciation and speech patterns. The whistling that can accompany pronunciation issues may seem sweet in childhood but rarely gets the same reception in an adult. 

    Professional presentation

    It is an unfortunate reality of the world that people do make a judgement based on appearance. And when it comes to professional relationships, selling presentations or meeting clients, a missing tooth in a predominant location can be extremely expensive via lost opportunities and wasted work hours.  

    Nevertheless, with the help of quality restorative dental work, you can have a sparkling set of teeth, which could, quite literally, turn the tide in your favour. First impressions are crucial, and if you do have a competitive work environment, it’s important to consider your aesthetics as an essential tool in your working life, one that requires investment.

    Financial options and funding

    If the only reason why you are putting off implantation is due to its costs, there are many clinics that offer in house financing, allowing you just spread the costs or will include dental implantation surgery as part of their dental package. This changes the nature of the payment from a single significant bill to a far more manageable low monthly payment.