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    Why more people are choosing Invisalign Itero treatments in London

    Like it or not, social media plays a huge part in everyone’s lives and because of that there’s more pressure to look your best. That’s why more people are turning to cosmetic dentistry to help improve their smile. One development in such treatment, is the use ofInvisalign Itero machines in London practices to help fix crooked teeth.

    Why is it called Itero?

    The name of the treatment may sound a little sci-fi, but the word ‘Itero’ refers to the machine that’s used in the procedure. This is a device your dentist will use to scan your teeth and create a 3D image that will then be used to mould a clear brace for your mouth.

    There are generally two types of machines you will encounter, the LED and the laser version. The first uses a photo reflective powder and a painless blue light to create a realistic image of your teeth. Whilst the laser also uses harmless light to map out the topography of your teeth and take minute measurements.

    The treatment process

    Although the use of scanning machines may make you think this is a pretty complicated, actually it’s really simple.

    When you first make an appointment for Invisalign treatments your dentist will explain what’s going to happen next. Then they will use the Itero machine, as explained previously, to map out the contours of your mouth to produce a 3D image. This image is then manipulated to show you how your teeth will be corrected and what the finished results will look like.

    From there you will be fitted with a series of custom clear braces that will slowly realign your teeth through the application of a gentle amount of pressure.

    Why people are choosing it

    This treatment is proving to be quite popular with patients because there are several benefits to trying this over other traditional procedures.

    First, the braces are completely see-through which allows you to feel less self-conscious about wearing orthodontic gear whilst out in public. Then there’s the speed of the treatment itself, since it’s a relatively simple procedure you won’t have to spend an entire afternoon sitting in your dentist’s chair.

    Finally, the braces are simple and easy to clean, you just use a small amount of proprietary cleaning solution and with this solution give a light scrubbing all over the appliance. Doing this once every other day will help to reduce bacteria and prevent staining.

     Things to be aware of with Invisalign

    Like any dental treatment there are things to be aware of. In this case it’s that there could be some discomfort from wearing the brace as your teeth are being forcefully re-arranged. But it’s recommended that you use painkillers to remedy this. Also, to ensure your treatment goes smoothly you should keep your brace in at least 22 hours a day.

    Hopefully this has cleared a few things up about what the Itero machines are and how Invisalign could help you improve your smile.