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    What to Do When You Get Involved in a Car Crash

    One look at government traffic-related statistics and it’s easy to see that there are many possible reasons for a car accident. These include driving under the influence and the lack of occupant restraints (seat belts and child seats), as well as teens who drive without a valid driver’s license.

    Aside from having to deal with a car accident settlement agreement, car owners involved in a crash need to worry about other things such as sustaining injuries and having to appear in court for potential litigation. Mainor Wirth Injury Lawyers can assist in any dispute over injuries sustained during the potential instances.

    Here are five things that you must remember after a crash if you are involved:

    Check your car and your surroundings for hazards

    If you see smoke coming out of your car or if there is a fire or spark emanating from your vehicle, you must vacate it immediately. If you have passengers, you should make sure they are also removed safely if they don’t have apparent injuries.

    If your car’s position is precarious, move it carefully towards the shoulder or somewhere near that is safe from incoming vehicles. If this isn’t possible, simply turn on your hazard lights so that other drivers will know that your car has an emergency.

    Remember that you shouldn’t be in any more trouble aside from the one you’re already in, so it’s important that you remember these important precautions.

    Call the authorities

    In any car accident, it’s imperative to call the authorities immediately for help. If you see that someone or if you yourself are injured, you should call 911 for medical assistance. You should also contact the police to report the accident, so they could send someone to investigate. Be sure to also ask for a copy of the police report if you need to file a case or have your car insurance processed.

    Document everything

    Having a record of the crash and anything related to it should be among the things you must accomplish following the accident. You should take photos or videos, jot down details of the accident that you could recall, and take note of the pertinent information of the other driver. In short, document everything that you possibly can.

    These pieces of evidence could help your insurance company greatly in processing your car insurance, as well as in arguing it out in court with the lawyer of the other party’s insurance company. And in case you decide to file a separate case, your attorney could also use such vital documentation to pursue your claims.

    Contact your lawyer

    If you honestly feel that the other driver is clearly at fault, you have the right to sue for damages. However, if you feel that you need representation for defense, then you should probably consider a lawyer similar to this Phoenix defense lawyer so that you have a solid case ready before your case even has a chance to go to court. But if it’s the former, you should immediately inform your attorney of your decision. If you don’t have one, there are reputable lawyers with extensive experience handling car accident cases so getting the right legal representation should be easy for you. Correspondingly, if you would like to learn more about the different ways that a personal injury law specialist can help you, you can find plenty of helpful resources online using websites such as for instance.

    Coordinate with your insurance company

    Finally, be sure to contact your car insurance company right away to report the accident. You could also ask for help from your agent to jumpstart the claims process. Just be ready with the police report and your documentation, as they will be needed by the insurer to properly process your insurance claim.

    Just remember these things in case you find yourself involved in a car crash. Such a predicament is a bad experience but the burden you’ll feel will become lighter if you know exactly what to do.