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    What makes a dental surgery website an ideal marketing tool?

    Any dental surgery in this day and age needs to have a website, whether the surgery has been in practice for over 100 years or if it is in its first week.

    But why? Because marketing now goes far beyond simply printing out flyers, and instead of the front entrance of your dental surgery being the first thing a potential patient will see, it is your website.

    Indeed, almost every service imaginable is searched for online, meaning that if you don’t have a website that is working as a marketing tool, you won’t be seen by potential patients.

    So, with that in mind, what are some of the key things that make dental websites the ideal marketing tool for your surgery?

    They are informative

    Your dental surgery page will need to be informative and unique to be a good marketing tool for your dental surgery.

    You will need to have a blog section, a vlog section and information about the services that your team can provide. There will also need to be information about the treatments themselves, such as an FAQ section on root canals.

    The information on your surgery page will need to be updated regularly to stay up to date with search engine optimisation, thus making the website an ideal marketing tool.

    They are quick

    The majority of people have been waiting for a website to load at some time and have then clicked off it. This obviously results in fewer people seeing what is on the website and thus, it loses customers.

    The ideal dental surgery web page will load quickly, ideally in under 3 seconds, and will enable patients to click on the blog and information pages without lagging or delay.

    If you aren’t sure how you can speed up your dental surgery page, seek the guidance of a dental marketing team.

    They are accessible

    To be a successful marketing tool, your website needs to be accessible to everyone. This includes those who are using smartphones and tablets to look through your site.

    Search engine optimisation, or SEO, favours websites that are accessible to mobile devices and actively ranks them higher on search engine results. But, much like the faster loading time, making your dental surgery page accessible to mobile devices is likely to be outside your comfort zone and skill set, so be sure to contact a marketing team.

    They are linked to social media

    Social media has grown from a place to find people you went to school with into a platform where brands and services can advertise and gain more patients.

    So, in order for your dental surgery page to be successful in its role as a marketing tool, it will need to be linked to your surgery’s social media page and vice versa.

    Logical layout

    You look at your dental surgery page and know where everything is. But will someone who is new to the web page? And, almost equally as important, will the Google bots be able to navigate the page? If the page is not following a logical pattern, the bots will rank it lower. So, it’s well worth hiring the help of a marketing team to make sure that your page is set out in a logical pattern.