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    What is Invisalign?

    For a variety of reasons, many people may feel that their teeth are not quite as straight as they would like them to be. Ordinarily, the common solution to this is to have braces applied to your teeth in order to straighten them over time. However, nowadays there exists a solution which many people as of yet know very little about. This solution is Invisalign, and it is a relatively new treatment which can, like braces move your teeth gradually to being more straight.

    At Spa Dental Sydney CBD, there are now over 150 treatments of Invisalign every year, demonstrating some of the newfound popularity of this treatment. This of course does beg the question though, what exactly is Invisalign, and why has it become as popular as it has? In this article, these questions will be explored, and for those of you who may have been considering getting treatment in order to straighten your teeth, hopefully sufficient information will be provided to help you make a decision about whether Invisalign sounds like a treatment that would be good for you.

    Invisalign and how it works

    Invisalign gradually straightens your teeth by using clear and custom-made plastic aligners. These aligners are usually virtually invisible. Often, before receiving these aligners, your dentist will be able to use digital scanning technology – such as the Invisalign iTero – to have an assessment of your teeth, and show you what they will look like, in all probability, from the beginning to the end of your treatment. The results of this scanning are used to make sure that the custom made aligners fit you as intended. They are also designed to be easy to slip on and off, which allows you to remove your Invisalign aligners for activities such as eating as well as for brushing and flossing your teeth. The aligners come in a series as well, meaning that, after wearing one for a while, you move on and start wearing the next one in the series.

    What are the advantages of Invisalign?

    One of the main advantages of receiving Invisalign treatment is that it can help to bring you closer to the type of smile, and teeth that you would most like to have. The straighter teeth that Invisalign can give you are not just a cosmetic bonus though; having straighter teeth is also beneficial to your health because it gives you overall healthier gums and teeth. Many people also enjoy the fact that the aligners used in Invisalign are very clear and discreet, often leading to other people not even being able to notice that you are wearing an aligner. 

    Caring properly for your aligners

    If you are considering Invisalign treatment, one important step is to obtain spark clear aligners, which are practically invisible. As these aligners are placed in the mouth, they act like teeth, and are prone to plaque buildup and damage from small food particles, so it is important to ensure they are clean. It is also a good idea to take out your aligners when drinking and brushing your teeth, as this can help to keep them clean, therefore meaning that you will have better overall dental hygiene if you do so.

    Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.