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    What is cosmetic dentistry?

    Cosmetic dentistry is the process of improving one’s smile by employing a variety of treatments. Cosmetic dentistry is widely available, and can be for small adjustments, or a complete makeover of your teeth, depending on what it is you are trying to achieve. Make sure to check with your dentist in Soho what options are available for you, along with many other locations in London that offer cosmetic dentistry.


    If you are looking for white teeth, but are interested in a more permanent fixture, then veneers are an option that you could consider. Veneers work by attaching a porcelain replacement to the surface of the tooth, in order to cover up any discolouration, cracks or damage. As porcelain is extremely durable, the veneers will also provide protection from further damage, and leave an aesthetically pleasing finish to your tooth. A small amount of the enamel will be drilled away before putting the veneers on, as the smooth surface of the enamel does not bond as well with the adhesive as the rough surface of the drilled enamel. Veneers will last for years, and with the correct dental hygiene, for life.

    Cosmetic bonding

    A treatment like both teeth whitening and veneers, is that of cosmetic bonding, which in terms of treatment, is about halfway between the two. Cosmetic bonding is often used by cosmetic dentists (like the ones at Fulham Road Dental) to repair cracked or broken teeth. broken teeth. It works by introducing a resin to the teeth, that is carefully applied to areas of damage or discolouration, and will harden, to create an attractive finish to the tooth. The resin will also be carefully picked, in order to match the colour of your teeth and be virtually invisible after application. A light is applied afterward to aid the drying process.

    Smile makeovers / Smile designs

    Many healthcare professionals such as a dentist in wagga or elsewhere can offer smile design programs. Your entire smile will be assessed, followed by your dentist advising you on the best course of action to fix any underlying teeth issue. A smile makeover generally involves scans, and photographs of your teeth, along with a variety of treatments. This makes for one of the most important cosmetic treatments and has been gaining popularity among individuals.

    Teeth whitening

    One of the main treatments under cosmetic dentistry is the use of teeth whitening, to achieve a whiter and more aesthetically pleasing look to the teeth. Teeth whitening is not always about making the teeth as white as possible, but quite often making the teeth all the same colour, as quite often, teeth can become unevenly discoloured. Therefore, after a tooth whitening treatment, the teeth will appear much more natural. The treatment works due to the enamel being porous, allowing the bleaching agent to be absorbed and to target the discoloured areas. This is a simple and entirely safe procedure and can even be done in the comfort of your own home.