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    What can having a straighter smile do for me?

    It is 2022 and our world is busier than ever – our phones and our online profiles are the quickest way to communicate –  networking through ‘linked in’ or back-to-back zoom meetings is the new normal. Online dating has skyrocketed with a reported 57million users now on one of the most popular dating apps and we catch up with friends’ lives through their social media profiles. With this new way of life comes an opportunity to present ourselves visually on a bigger scale and having a smile that is reflective of our bright, shiny lives is becoming more and more important.

    What are the health benefits of a straighter smile?

    A straight smile has long-term psychological benefits. Worrying about your smile and if people are looking at your teeth can understandably be very disheartening, and spending every day and every conversation worrying that the person opposite you is also thinking about your overlapping teeth or crooked jaw line can be exhausting. These worries can slowly pull on our happiness and can lead to anxiety disorders, sleep disorders or even depression. Nobody should have to go through hard times mentally and this could be a problem quickly addressed if you choose to opt for Invisalign in Sheffield.

    Teeth that sit out of alignment whether that be through overlapping, overbite or underbite, overcrowding or gapping can actually cause a person to have trouble chewing their food correctly which can then lead to more complex issues with digestion. Poor digestion is linked also to poor mental health. The gut-brain connection has been deeply researched and it’s reported that 90% of serotonin is made in the gut – serotonin is the hormone mostly responsible for stabilising our mood, feelings and wellbeing.

    It’s also reported that people who suffer from teeth grinding can frequently have issues with alignment that may be the cause of the grinding, muscle tension and clenching. In order to protect your teeth from grinding down the enamel which could cause fillings and fractures and even needing to have teeth removed and replaced with false teeth, you will need to correct this physiological issue and having a teeth straightening treatment could be just what you need, as it will also release muscle tension

    So what if I do what to straighten my teeth?

    Opting to use Invisalign can come with many benefits depending on where you go to have them fitted, including free consultations and the use of an iTERO digital scanner – you can actually see your smile journey in a 3D visual and there will be no need to have those invasive impressions made!

    There is also 0% finance starting at a minimal amount at some practices, free post treatment retainers and all wrapped up in a quicker process. Some patients see results in as little as four months to six months. Imagine after years of anxiety about your smile being able to have a confident grin after just four months? Not to mention these braces are basically invisible and designed to be super discreet, you won’t need to be embarrassed that people can see, most people won’t even notice they are in place.